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Published on Thursday, 26 April 2018 12:37

     HoN big daddy, superior give away avatars and items. Only completely spend Gold Coin during the activity period. The more you spending, it's more worth!!  (Including spending Gold Coin in F.L.E.X. event !!)

Promotion starts : Thursday 26 Apr 2561, after the server opened
Promotion Ends : Thursday 26 May 2561, at 12.00 
Claim rewards : within 24 hours after the conditions completed


1. Spending GOLDCOIN in the activity period.
          Special! Including spending Gold Coin in F.L.E.X. event 
2. Rewards are divided into 3 tiers:
350GC, 750GC, 1050GC 
3. Cumulative Gold Coin spending. Once you get the reward from 350GC spending, spend more only 400GC to get the 750GC reward
4. You can claim only 3 rewards (350GC, 750GC and 1,050GC respectively per 1 account

5. After you claimed the rewards and completed the conditions, you will get them within 24 hours
6. HoN team reserves the right to change details and prizes without prior notice.


 F.L.E.X. Free Bag Information
Once you open grabbag, get free 1 random avatar

Avatars Avatars
Ascension Armadon Savior Rally
Hack Savior Solstice
Ion Gory Vanguard
Draco Kannibal
Headless Horseman Pyromancer Scourge Trooper
Savior Hammerstorm Blood Fiend
Savior Pebbles Daemon Dragoon
Savior Legionnaire Shaytan
Savior Predator Khamsin
Savior Emerald Warden Submarine Kraken
Chiprel Strike Squad Siege Gauntlet