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Published on Thursday, 28 June 2012 00:00

SEA 1 Year

Dear Friends & Fellow Gamers,

We can't believe it has been 1 year since we officially launched our beloved game Garena Heroes of Newerth. It has been an amazing journey so far...

One candle placed on a cake, one first birthday wish to make! Remember that playtime is never over, even as one gets older! As we grow to form an even bigger HoN family, we’d like you to know that you’ve made a significant impact to our lives. We thank you for your invaluable support, patience and most importantly, friendship, in contributing to where we are now and who we have become.

4 million heroes have shown their honour, strength, bravery and intelligence in the world of Newerth, hailing from places near and far, with Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian heroes joining in the fray. Hundreds of thousands of battles happen every day, everywhere, with six hundred thousand heroes engaged in conflict each week, casting ripples which alter a battlefield that spans the entire SEA. Out of all this, we hope to bring the experience you’ve been waiting for. In our efforts to be more community oriented, we’ve been putting your voices as priority for the changes we make. Your support is our constant motivation.

With you with us, this marks beginning of a new era where games come to life. We’d like to thank you once more, for granting us this experience. We are now even more confident and dedicated to bringing more soul into Heroes of Newerth.

With that said and done! Let us move on to the specials that we have specifically in-detail prepared for you!


1. Golden Weekend  30% Bonus Gold

Rolling in Gold! There will be a hefty 30% bonus in Gold with every purchase of Gold coins packages. This promotion will live from 29th Jun 01:00am GMT + 8 to 30th Jun 23:59pm GMT +8

*Due to your constant support and our appreciation for it, we have extended the promotion for another day only! Don’t miss out! The promotion will extend to 1st Jul 23:59pm GMT+8


2. Golden Shield With You

Players who reach a total spent of 3000 gold coins during 29th Jun 00:00am GMT+8 to 1st Jul 23:59pm GMT +8  will be awarded with the Golden Shield Status!

 *All rewards will be inserted directly into your account by 9th Jul 2012.

Golden Shield:Golden Shield Demo1

3. Garena vs Community

This is War! Head on strong as we have our very own Garena vs Community on the 28th June 12pm – 6pm! We won’t go down without a fight so these games will last till we get knocked-out with a total loss of 20 games! Gain 10 silver coins for EVERYONE (only those that login on the 28th Jun 2012) for each win so there will be a grant of 200 silver coins to each IF Garena lose 20 games! Of course, for the bold who dare challenge us there will be the special Garena Smile Garena Smile or CryGarena Cry Symbols to be awarded to you.

Check Results!

*All rewards will be inserted directly into your account by 9th Jul 2012.

4. MatchMaking Domination

Play a total of 5 matchmaking games during the 29th June – 1st July and get a free Thumb Up Icon  Thumb Up Icon, play a total of 25 matchmaking games and get the free limited Professor Repulsor Avatar Professor Repulsoron top of the Thumbs Up Icon!

* Mid Wars Matchmaking games will be counted as well.

**All rewards will be inserted directly into your account by 9th Jul 2012.

5. Redemption Center

Got you guys talking about the Big O much yet? We’re officially One! Throwing out the free redeemable Garena 1st Anniversary symbol Anniversary icon 1and Garena courier Garena Courierfor all of you guys out there starting from 28th June – 3rd July 2012! 

6. That Royal Comeback

The return of the Early Access , Limited Edition & Holiday Edition Avatars! From the 27th June – 3rd July, we will be releasing avatars daily. Make sure that you guys don’t miss out on this ONE-DAY deal to complete your collection of Limited Avatars!

3rd Jul 2012

Hydrax Hydraxis

Dreadknight Salforis Dreadknight Salforis

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