[SINGAPORE] HON 1ST Anniversary Party!

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Published on Tuesday, 26 June 2012 18:10




Garena Heroes of Newerth will be turning one on 29th June 2012 and we are going to celebrate our One Year Anniversary Party on 30th June 2012!

Head on down to Alienware Arena and join us to celebrate this great party with a BLAST! Win never before seen Heroes of Newerth merchandises and attractive in-game prizes! Prefer the competitive or casual scene? Fret not, we have Mid Wars tournament for all of you! What's more, stand a chance to walk away with Alienware gears in our Lucky Draw!




1. FREE HoN Goodie Bags Giveaway - [3:00PM - 3:30PM]
FIRST 50 players in our registration queue will walk away with Goodie Bags filled with HoN merchandizes!


2. Mid Wars Tournament (Team of 5)- [4:00PM - 9:00PM] - REGISTER NOW!
Mid-Wars has been in the game for more than a month and now, it’s time to show us how skillful you are!
First ever Mid-Wars tournament held in conjunction with HoN’s 1st Anniversary celebration!

No fussy tournament rules, straight-forward Single Elimination format, stomp to the top, champ the tournament and you will receive your deserved prizes!
Gather a team of 5 and participate in this tournament now!


1st - S$350 Cash, 500 Silver Coins and Mousepad
Team of 5, each player will be given 500 Silver Coins, 1 HoN Anniversary T-Shirt and 1 Mousepad


2nd - S$250 Cash, 300 Silver Coins and Mousepad
Team of 5, each player will be given 300 Silver Coins, 1 HoN Anniversary T-Shirt and 1 Mousepad


3rd - S$150 Cash, 100 Silver Coins and Mousepad
Team of 5, each player will be given 100 Silver Coins and 1 Mousepad



3. Mid Wars Knock-Out - [4:00PM - 9:00PM] - REGISTER ON THE DAY!
Can't find a team of 5 yet? Don't worry! Everyone and anyone can participate in our Mid Wars Knock-Out booth and win Silver Coins!
Knock out your opponents and your prize increases! Get knocked out by your opponents and you'll lose a portion of your prize!
Stake it all or lose it all; The more you win, the more you get!


4. Newerth's Mess [3:30PM, 6:30PM]
An intruder has messed up the encyclopedia of Newerth on our special day! ): We have all our Heroes, Avatars and their names scattered all over, and we need you to match them back for us!


How to play:
- Heroes' pictures, avatars and names will be randomly given to all participants.
- Participants are to match the Hero pictures with their respective name and avatar(s) within a stipulated time!
- Match all components and walk away with in-game prizes!


Psst, NO communication will be allowed in this game! We can't risk having the intruder messing us up again!


5. Guess the Winning Team! [8:00PM - 9:00PM]
Luck or Faith? Place your votes for the team you think will win in the Mid Wars Professional Tournament!
Drop your votes in the Legion or Hellbourne boxes and stand a chance to win in-game items and EXCLUSIVE merchandises!!


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6. Lucky Draw [7:00PM and 10:00PM]
From in-game prizes to exclusive HoN merchandises to Alienware Keyboards! Stay with us so you won't miss the Lucky Draws as we will only be calling you thrice!




7. Build-Your-Bundle! [3:00PM and 7:00PM]

Build your bundle with ANY of the 3 from the 6 GOLD EDITION (including Holiday Edition: Bunny Predator!) AVATARS @ JUST SGD $15!
What's more, we throw in a 4th item for FREE!!


Stand a chance to win 365 Days LEGACY or 1 Day LEGACY status! It's all about luck!


CHOOSE 3 from the 6 AVATARS!


- bunnypredBunny Predator
- goldenpebGolden Pebbles
- legendary valkLegendary Valkyrie
- forsaken striderForsaken Strider
- sachi sbSachi Swiftblade
- lepre blacksmithLeprechuan Blacksmith



Random: 1 DAY or 365 DAYS LEGACY STATUS!


**We are only selling 200 bundles! Valid while stocks last!**