Big Festival into DreamHon!

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Published on Friday, 19 October 2012 20:30
HON575x1000 HoNT2DH
What do you know! Thailand is hosting their very own Dreamhack Winter Qualifiers! Of which the winner of this qualifer will win an all expense paid trip to Sweden, Jonkoping, where they will be competiting against the World Top HoN Teams for a huge prize pool!
Teams Participating would be:
[NE0] NeolutionE-Sport.HoN
[Sh9]Shock by HoN Meeting Gan9
[SynC] Synchronize of emperoR
[n0st] n0stalgia
[Pl2o]Professionals Team
[Asl7] Absolute7
[SakT] SakT
[Kc] Kimochii
[MRR] Mai Aow Ar Rai Reoy
[Shooter]Shooter E-Sport HoN
[SpF] Sleeping Forest
[IMM0]Imm0rtals TeamNice
[Boss]Boss say no re
Special Guest Appearance by the media crew of the very well loved VRZO!
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