Garena VS Community: Our Loss in Games, Your Gain in Coins?

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Published on Friday, 11 January 2013 01:25
This weekend we have a special event coming up for you and this will be war! Through 11 - 13 Jan, our HON GameMasters from Thailand and Singapore will be actively queuing up for games in HON! Starting from Friday, 11 Jan, we will be going through matchmaking from 3pm - 6pm (+8GMT). At last, now what? If the HON GameMasters total up a number of 20 losses, we will be giving out 200 silver coins to everybody who logged on for 3 consecutive days!
 20130110 VS 416x230
Now, let the games begin.
*Midwars included.
Updates: HoN Game Masters have lost 20 games. Silver Coins will be granted by 14th Jan.