HoN Pride: A Global Avatar Contest Watch Your Creation Come To Life 13 - 19 Mar 2013

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Published on Wednesday, 13 March 2013 12:29

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HoN Pride: A Global Avatar Contest
Watch Your Creation Come To Life
13 - 19 March 2013

From the Brazilians, Russians, and South East Asians to the Americans, Swedish and Europeans, we all know that Heroes of Newerth extends to almost every corner of the globe. The beauty in this is that we have a wide variety of personality and a plethora of unique cultures all coming together for a single cause; to play HoN!

With a player base as diverse as ours, we sometimes lose sight of the different backgrounds that we come from. This is your chance to represent your nation and, at the same time, add an Avatar into the game that you have grown to love.

In the HoN Pride Global Avatar Contest, we give you the chance to show your national pride and create an Avatar around a personality that represents your country. Read the description on how to enter and make sure to follow the rules of entry and soon you might see your Avatar waltzing through the Forests of Caldavar.

Important Dates to Remember!

Wednesday March 13th - Initial Contest Starts: Submit your ideas!
Tuesday March 19th - Entries End: Get those entries in because entries end!
Wednesday March 20th - Voting Starts: The top entries will be chosen and given to the community to vote on. Make sure to vote and see that your favorite wins!
Monday March 25th - Voting Ends! Last chance to convince everyone to vote for your favorite!
Tuesday March 26th - Contest Ends

Winners will be announced and the Avatar ideas will start to be produced by our amazing content team :)

How to Enter:
Image: <Post a picture of your vision for the alt Avatar> This can include a drawing, picture, painting, or anything that gives us a visual of your idea
Post then must contain:
Name of Alt:
Hero that Alt is for:
Description of Personality and Appearance (more details that can’t be found in the picture posted):
Description of why he represents your country:
Garena UID Number:

Example post:



Region: NA/EU
Country: United States
Name of Alt: Abraham Lincolnnaire
Hero that Alt is for: Legionnaire
Description of Personality and appearance (more details that can’t be found in the picture posted): Unpretentious and genuinely interested in people and their problems. A great teller of jokes and humorous stories to make a point. He liked poetry and became an excellent writer. He loved to read literature and watch plays. He was very intelligent and logical and could remember and quote what he read. He had a gift of persuading people to his point of view in subtle ways. He also was moody and suffered from bouts of depression.
Description of why he represents your country: A tall, burly man with a suit, tie, and top hat from the 1860s. Also has a big black beard. Iconic to the US.
Garena UID Number: 78907443
HON IGN: johndoe456
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If your Avatar breaks any one of these rules it will instantly be disqualified from the contest.
No flags or direct national symbols
No religious icons (stars, crosses, churches, etc)
No offensive material to other countries.

There will be 5 winners: One from each region (SEA, CIS, LAT, NA/EU) and one wild card.
The top entries from each region will be chosen by S2 and Regional Partner.
Next, each community will vote at the polls to see which avatar will represent each region.
The top Avatar in each region will be chosen as the winner and will be placed into Newerth.
A Wild Card pick will be chosen from the remaining avatars and placed into Newerth.
The winners will receive the entire 5 Avatar bundle for free.
The winning Avatar in each region will sold at 50% off for that region for the first weekend that it comes out!

Disclaimer: The winning selections will be used as concepts for new alt avatars. Each avatar may be subject to change. Copyrighted materials must be credited to respective rightful owners and plagiarism will be severely dealt with. Please note that avatar made for a certain intended hero might be used for others.


Submit your entries now!