[V3.2.9] Patch Notes

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Published on Tuesday, 19 November 2013 11:44
Dear Heroes,
There will be a Game Client Patch v3.2.9 on Wednesday, 20 November 2013, 0700 hrs - 1159 hrs (GMT +8)
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*
New EAP:
New EAP Avatar:
Sky Pirate Klanx
 New EAP Avatar:
Doomsday Klanx
(Ultimate Avatar)
 Klanx  Sky Pirate Klanx Doomsday Klanx 
New Avatar:
New Avatar:
 New Avatar:
Cyro Magmus
New Avatar:
the Ultimate Engineer
 Omen  Edium   Cryo Magmus Tork the Ultimate Engineer 

Version 3.2.9

== General == 

- Added new Hero: Klanx
* All rejoice! Klanx is here, the most diabolical villain to ever grace the world of Newerth! No other minds can comprehend his genius, and even heroic eyes can barely gaze upon his rugged visage without collapsing in admiration. Forget Tork the Engineer and his inferior intellect and supposed ingenuity—Klanx is about to swagger onto the battlefield equipped with his latest and greatest weaponry, as well as a full supply of faithful lackeys and goons. Victories are his for the taking, and they should feel lucky to belong to such a stunning force of brilliant destruction.

- Added new Klanx Ultimate Edition Alt Avatar: Doomsday Klanx
* Klanx’s ultimate design, the Doomsday Klanx robot, is finally ready for combat after dozens of tests against defenseless civilians. The only flaw Klanx can see is the Doomsday Klanx isn’t is handsome as he is...but that would be impossible.

- Buy items in-game to upgrade your Doomsday Klanx!
- Upgraded Leg Armor:
* All upgraded boots
- Upgraded Arm Armor:
* Alchemist’s Bones
* Elder Parasite
* Energizer
* Shrunken Head
- Upgraded Torso and Helmet:
* Assassin's Shroud
* Genjuro
* Geometer's Bane
- Upgraded Weapon and Flying Device:
* Dawnbringer
* Brutalizer
* Riftshards
* Savage Mace
* Wingbow
* Shieldbreaker
- Special Effects:
* Charged Hammer
* Thunderclaw
* Nullfire Blade
* Mock of Brilliance

- Added new Klanx Premium Alt Avatar: Sky Pirate Klanx
* Take to the skies with the dastardly devil known as Sky Pirate Klanx. Equipped with only the best and baddest mechanical contraptions—which he built, of course—this dashing and debonair bandit of the open air is full of enough dirty deeds to make even the most despicable demons cringe in disgust. Twirl ‘stache, get cash.


== New Content == 

- Added new Engineer Ultimate Alt Avatar: Tork the Ultimate Engineer
* Tork the Engineer knows Man is flawed, especially those who put too much faith into their gods and not enough work into their weapons. He is also aware his purely mechanical creations like Steamoth excel at warfare, but lack the human aspects that make a true hero. In his tireless work to create the perfect warrior, he has combined his engineering genius with his compassion and will to win. The result is the Ultimate Engineer, a biomechanical suit that upgrades as necessary to handle any combat situation.

- These are the Ultimate Engineer upgrades and the items that will grant them.
- Base exoskeleton for his arms and legs:
* Power Supply
* Blood Chalice
* Base Boots
* Energizer
* Grave Locket
* Sacrificial Stone
- Augmented Lower Body Armor:
* Steamboots
* Striders
* Post Haste
* Ghost Marchers
* Plated Greaves
- Augmented Upper Body Armor:
* Tablet of Command
* Ring of Sorcery
* Sacrificial Stone
* Null Stone
- Augmented Helmet:
* Shrunken Head
* Helm of the Black Legion
* Shaman's Headdress
* Barrier Idol
- Spinning Radar:
* Codex
* Storm Spirit
* Kuldra's Sheepstick
* Hellflower
- Augmented Beer Keg:
* Portal Key
* Astrolabe
* Spellshards
- Semi-Automatic Grenade Launcher:
* Dawnbringer
* Charged Hammer
* Genjuro
* Nullfire Blade

- Added new Jeraziah Alt Avatar: Omen
* Contemplating the existence of the being to which he has devoted his life, Jeraziah decides that he may not understand everything, but his faith requires doubt, and his belief in Sol is solidified. He is rewarded by the Blind Prophet for never turning his back on the righteous god, and is granted a suit of armor that was worn by the original Blind Disciple knight, Omen: a man of commanding stature who vowed to build from his followers an army that would reclaim Newerth for Man and spread the worship of Sol to all corners of the world.

- Added new Corrupted Disciple Alt Avatar: Edium
* After Circe murdered the Blind Prophet, his Five Disciples scattered across Newerth to spread the word of Sol. Edium, the First Disciple, eschewed worldly ways and turned in reverence to studying the sacred text, the Codex Solaris, and went on to establish the Order of the Chapel. When he died, Sol lost a powerful apostle.
In these dire times, with archaic gods and rampant daemonic forces tearing Man’s faith apart, the Five Disciples have returned with the Blind Prophet to shepherd Sol’s flock to victory. His years in the divine realm have made him a dynamic warrior, with eyes covered by the guiding hands of Sol and hands coursing with the energy of pure devotion to his faith.

- Added new Magmus Alt Avatar: Cryo Magmus
* In the days of the Blind Prophet, the followers of Sol outlawed alchemy as an affront to their faith. The persecution even reached into the far north of the Frost Fields, where a hermitous alchemist was dragged from his workshop and thrown into an icy crevasse. As his frozen tomb closed in, he whispered incantations and doused himself with potions to summon an ice elemental. The ancient creature formed around the alchemist and began the creeping ascent back to the surface. The duo has finally emerged—heartless elemental and furious alchemist—and their sole purpose is to bring vengeance upon all followers of Sol and the Blind Prophet.

== Rift Wars Changes & Bug Fixes == 

- Players now passively get .3 Experience every second
- Each team will now start with a Flying Courier

- Multiple stacking channel disabling states no longer expire prematurely (when the first applied one expires the other's applied will no longer expire)
- Several UI Bug Fixes
- Match Rewards: If you have 1 match to go for an Amulet of Rebirth token, it now says "1 Match" instead of "1 Matches"
- Fixed tooltips in player stats for Matches/Disconnects not showing Rift Wars correctly

- Will no longer aggro creeps

- Shadow now properly has a cooldown when swapping between the original hero and her illusion
- Shadow will no longer teleport you to the bottom-left corner of the map when swapping

- Disarm if paired with high attack speed and if you're a ranged hero with a slow projectile will no longer proc multiple times before the projectile impacts and puts the skill on cooldown.


== Bot Notes == 

- Added lane preferences to each bot, which results in better lane composition. Code by VHD, Darkfire, and Kairus101!

- Added several fixes by Kairus101:
* Fixed an issue with Astrolabe
* Fixed an issue with GravekeeperBot stringtables
* Fixed an issue with Engineer and late game items

- Added several Easy difficulty improvements. The goal of these changes was to make easier bots much easier to play against without making them worse teammates. In general, Easy bots should pretty much help you kill them.
* On Easy, enemy bots won't group and push or defend
* On Easy, enemy bots who are low on HP will not retreat back to the well if you are close
* On Easy, bots aggressing low-HP humans will only have a %16 chance to continue trying to kill them, waiting 20-50s before considering aggressing again
* On Easy, bots will cluster a bit more
* On Easy, enemy bots will not buy Homecoming Stones
* Arachna on Easy will be less lethal
* Flint on Easy will be less lethal
* Witch Slayer on Easy will be less lethal

== Bug Fixes & Optimization == 

- Added a "Don't Remind Me" prompt to Plinko

Elder Parasite
- Lifesteal will no longer work when attacking gadgets

- Fixed Chain Spike's chain break effect from playing through fog

Emerald Warden
- Fixed Overgrowth trap visual models from lingering after death

- Now unbinds himself when he teleports to his sword

- Fixed Teleport to bring along the correct number of people

- Fixed Rhino Rampage's The Chains That Bind icon so that it shows correctly
- Fixed Rhino Rampage's The Chains That Bind chain visuals on the target

Sir Benzington
- Joust will no longer let him travel across the map if he gets sent back to base (e.g. via Ophelia's Judgment) and the cast point is reached on that same frame

Voodoo Jester
- Fixed so that the proper HP value is saved when using Cursed Ground on Voodoo Puppet

War Beast
- Made Summon Hellbounds show the proper icons for his alt avatars