[V3.2.10] Patch Notes

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Published on Tuesday, 03 December 2013 12:06
Dear Heroes,
There will be a Game Client Patch v3.2.10 on Wednesday, 4 December 2013, 0700 hrs - 1159 hrs (GMT +8)
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*
New Avatar:
New Avatar:
 New Avatar:
The Blind Prophet
(Ultimate Avatar)
 Orbode Arbinger  The Blind Prophet 
New Avatar:
New Avatar:
Augur   Eskinomad   

Version 3.2.10

== New Content == 

- Added new Berserker Alt Avatar: Orbode
* Unable to cope with the loss of his mentor, the most brutal of the Disciples, Orbode, was nearly driven insane. He roamed the outskirts of Newerth, the fringes of human land where the beasts ventured into human territory, holding back their onslaught with the violent anger of Sol. Orbode's followers formed the Second Clan of Men, the Savages, whose brute strength and unbridled fury tore through the ranks of the Beast Horde with no remorse.

- Added new Silhouette Alt Avatar: Arbinger
* The loss of the Prophet begot a profound sadness to the Disciple Arbinger, who guarded her emotions behind a mask emblazoned with the symbol of the Five. She silently condemned her brethren for not protecting their savior, and ventured into the heart of the beasts' realm, stalking and slaughtering them before they could commit any more sins of such magnitude. Arbinger's followers formed the Fourth Clan of Men, the Scouts, silently targeting the beasts where they slept under the shadow of darkness.

- Added new Kinesis Alt Avatar: Augur
* When the Blind Prophet was murdered, his Disciple Augur traveled into the northern mountains and worked tirelessly to rebuild Man's lost cities, as well as her shattered faith in her brothers and sisters-the shards of which still blind her-for she did not know it was the goddess Circe who had killed the Blind Prophet. Augur's followers formed the Third Clan of Men, the Builders, their artisan hands guided by Augur's divine vision.

- Added new Prophet Ultimate Alt Avatar: The Blind Prophet
* When Circe assassinated the Blind Prophet over 250 years ago, his martyrdom sent the Five Disciples to the corners of Newerth, spreading Sol's word. With the rise of Maliken Grimm, King of the Legion, Sol's children rose to soaring heights. When Maliken betrayed his god and kin, so began the downward spiral of all that is good. Now, with archaic gods wrestling for power and man-made death machines rolling through Jeraziah's ranks, Sol has resurrected the Blind Prophet and his Five Disciples. Our King's prayers have been answered...but will it be enough?

- Added new Nomad Alt Avatar: Eskinomad
* After traveling the vast desert landscape and finding no trace of the Sand Wraith that slaughtered his family, Nomad takes it upon himself to trek across all of Newerth, searching for and destroying wraiths in whatever form they appear. Living in the cold, barren Frost Fields, he dons warmer gear and wanders from one end of the wasteland to another, weathering the freezing cold for a chance to exact revenge against the spirits.

== General == 

- You can no longer destroy item chests that are currently owned by any player
- Joining a clan will automatically add you to the clan's chat channel
- Leaving a clan will automatically remove you from the clan's chat channel
- Added support for taking high res screenshots (console command: TakeHighResScreenshot [width] [height])


== Bot == 

- RetreatFromThreat overhaul - code by Schnarchnase and Kairus101
* In general, bots are smarter about when and how they retreat from enemies.

- Rune Tracking/grabbing behavior - code by Anakonda
* Bots will mentally track runes that are spotted on the map, and grab runes that are "close" (within 1000 units)

- Bot lane-building improvements! - code by Kairus101, Darkfire, and VHD
* Bots now have preferences for which lane they are in, and the teambotbrain does a much better job of building smarter lanes.
* As a result, Glacius has gracious given up the middle lane for more suitable candidates

- Jungle creep tracking functionality, plus camp and neutral preferences! - code by Kairus101
* Groundwork for future jungling bots

- Bot chatter improvements - writing by JakeXSV
- Fix to OrderFollow, OrderTouch, and OrderGiveItem - code by Anakonda
- Fixed several cases where bots would treat recipes as full items - code by Kairus101

== Rift Wars Bug Fixes and Optimizations == 

- Fixed Rift Wars dropping items from incorrect pets (like couriers)

- Wrath of the Pharaoh: Fixed his interaction with sub-abilities

- Stampede: Fixed so that when you have a multiple Stampedes they all do not go on cooldown at the same time

- Enlarge: Fixed Group Chuck (boosted ultimate) dealing 0 damage if the hero does not also have the Chuck ability

- Grapple: Fixed the chain disappearing during animation when used by certain heroes

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations == 

Corrupted Disciple
- Overload sound on Edium (Alt Avatar) now plays correctly

- Bloodthirst fixed so that you can toggle its Aura between Ally Heroes & Ally Units properly if you have 1 or more charges on your ultimate

- Corpse Toss now properly loses a charge if it becomes spell-blocked (e.g. by Null Stone)

- H.A.W.K.'s Wing Board state no longer has an infinite lifetime if hit by multiple attacks on the same frame that pushes it past the negative duration reduction time (-2.5 seconds)
- Expiration of H.A.W.K.'s Wing Board state will no longer interrupt Klanx's channeling (e.g. Homecoming Stone, Post Haste)
- Lackey #1 no longer plays his attack animation if he attacks buildings or allied units
- The duration on H.A.W.K. is now correctly reduced when Klanx is attacked by a magic immune enemy hero

The Gladiator
- Fixed Call to Arms so that some of the Alt Avatars don't spawn an infinite lifetime gadget to block neutral camps