[V3.3.3] Patch Notes

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Published on Tuesday, 11 February 2014 12:21
Dear Heroes,
There will be a Game Client Patch v3.3.3 on Wednesday, 12 February 2014, 0700 hrs - 1159 hrs (GMT +8)
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*
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Temperance  Nomad  Osiris
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Anunnaki Repulsor
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 Sphinx  Anunnaki Repulsor Horus  

Version 3.3.3

== New Content == 

- Added new Prisoner Alt Avatar: Temperance
* The Sin of Gluttony is perhaps the most insidious, as even wanting too much Virtue for oneself can lead to a detour from Sol's light. The Codex Solaris states: "No virtue can be sustained if the seeker lacks self-control." These words of Sol force the embodiment of Temperance to walk a tightrope of self-restraint, honor, and abstention, clutching his own bonds in fists of rage. Even his control has limits, however, and when the injustice becomes too much to bear he shatters his restraints to bring the full force of Sol's vengeance upon his enemies.

- Added new Nomad Alt Avatar: Diligence
* Diligence is the 6th Virtue, representative of the continual striving of betterment through persistence and hard work. A general in Sol's army ravaged by heavenly battles, but determined to continue fighting at the call of the Blind Prophet, the spirit of Diligence embodied Newerth's Nomad, who found his way to Jeraziah's palace in Caldavar by following a divinely arranged trail of stars.

- Added new Electrician Alt Avatar: Osiris
* The merciful Osiris has watched all living beings of Newerth suffer during these endless wars, and he has concluded the only hope for mankind is to return to the land of the living and bring about a massive cleansing—a lethal flooding of life force—that will take man back to his origins so he may be reborn and begin anew.

- Added new Draconis Alt Avatar: Sphinx
* Since the beginning of time the World Tree has been protected by many guardians, each called forth by Gaia to combat the prevalent dangers. With the daemons stopping at nothing to destroy the Tree, Gaia is sending all of her forces to the front lines. The Sphinx once prowled with the haunches of a lion, the wings of a great bird, and the face of a human, but the current Hellbourne threat requires a significant upgrade. The haunches and hide have been reforged as impenetrable obsidian, the wings sheathed with armor, and the face transformed into a fierce creature who incinerates enemies of the World Tree with the energy of creation.

- Added new Doctor Repulsor Alt Avatar: Anunnaki Repulsor
* Believed to have built the pyramids before the creation of man (as a slave race for the gods), Annunaki Repulsor traverses the landscape in his pyramid-shaped spaceship, awing man and beast alike who have no concept of such a machine. Sensing disturbance after the fall of man, he descends from his throne in heaven only to find his race of human slaves being slaughtered by a new breed of demon summoned from a plane unknown to the collective of gods. Furious at the horde for attempting to overtake his creation, he vows to restore order by taking matters into his own hands.

- Added new Zephyr Alt Avatar: Horus
* Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris, previously known throughout the world as one of the most prominent Egyptian gods. In Newerth, he is reincarnated on the mortal plane as a large peregrine falcon, as he was often depicted in ancient Egypt. As master of the skies, and all that resides between Newerth and the heavens, he has control over the wind, and wields a tremendous amount of power as he flies over the new world, seeking followers to increase his diminished strength.

- Added new Andromeda Alt Avatar: Andromeda (POGS)
* The POGS avatars are here! These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.


== General == 

- On-Demand Match Replays
* Players can now request match replays to be uploaded on-demand using the "Match Stats" interface and clicking the "Request Replay" button to initiate the request. When the upload completes a notification will populate in the notification history and the match replay will be available to download.
* Midwars and Riftwars match replays can now be requested and uploaded on-demand.
* During the transition to the new on-demand match replay system replays may be temporarily unavailable.

- Repicking
* Gold penalty reduced from 350 to 150 (Rift wars remains unaffected)

- Bots now control their illusions in an intelligent way. Code by Darkfire!
- Fixed a bug where bots would not realize a rune was taken
- Easy bots no longer get runes
- In the tutorial, your Demented Shaman buddy no longer takes your runes
- Fixed an issue where bots would stop moving if they had an invalid item


== Hero Balance == 

+ A quality of life improvement for the Berzerker. Mark for Death will now be usable while attacking and moving without interrupting your actions.
- Mark for Death: Cast time lowered from 100 to 0, no longer interrupts actions

+ Elemental Force has had its armor penetration and movement speed benefits reduced. Gemini was being too heavily rewarded in his damage output for high durability strength builds. We want his Armor Penetration to be an option but we found that the power of it was leading to one dimensional peak output builds.
- Elemental Force: Strength required per Armor Penetration increased from 18,16,14,12 to 22,20,18,16
- Elemental Force: Agility required per Movement Speed increased from 5,4,3,2 to 6,5,4,3

Lord Salforis
+ We're pushing Salforis's concept of counter healing to be much more usable throughout the game. Mors Certissima's mana cost has been reduced but the healing portion has been increased, allowing for more sustainability when used in conjunction with Dark Lord's Presence. The Undying has had its cooldown, mana cost and damage significantly decreased. The Undying has always been intended to combat high regeneration and healing. With the large reduction in cooldown, Salforis will have it much more frequently for its team fight and ganking uses.
- Mors Certissima: Mana Cost lowered from 90,100,110,120 to 75,80,85,90
- Mors Certissima: Range increased from 500 to 600
- Mors Certissima: Cast action time lowered from 250 to 100
- Mors Certissima: Impact delay increased from 500 to 650
- Mors Certissima: Health Regeneration increased from 20% to 40%
- Undying: Cooldown lowered from 120,100,80 to 60,45,30
- Undying: Mana Cost lowered from 150,240,330 to 100,150,200
- Undying: Initial Damage removed, Damage per Second lowered from 30,50,70 to 25,40,55 (Total from 410,700,990 to 300,480,660).
- Undying (Staff of the Master): Duration increased from 12 seconds to 18 seconds.

Moon Queen
+ We feel that the large amount of free auxiliary damage that Moon Queen was receiving allowed her to build strictly defensive items making her extremely difficult to deal with in fights. We want there to be more of a decision when building offensive or defensive items so we've toned down some of her stats to also reduce the late game effectiveness of her aura and illusions.
- Agi gain lowered from 2.8 to 2.4
- Multi Strike: Damage reduction per bounce increased from 35,30,25,20% to 40,35,30,25%

The Chipper
+ The Chipper has received an additional benefit to Focus Buffer encouraging more selfless uses. Focus Buffer will now restore mana to The Chipper whenever damage is absorbed. We want The Chipper himself to experience the benefits of Focus Buffer when casting on allies, creating more incentive for teamwork.
- Focus Buffer: Restores half the damage absorb as mana to the Chipper.
- Focus Buffer: Cooldown lowered from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.

The Gladiator
+ Showdown has had its duration increased, lowering the harsh level requirement The Gladiator experiences in the early game to enjoy the combined uses of Pitfall and Showdown.
- Showdown: Duration increased from 1,2,3,4 to 2,3,4,5

+ Vindicator's concept of anti-caster is being emphasized. We've given him an increase to his utility that will help both his roles as carry and support. Brain Drain is getting a notable power increase stealing an increased amount of Int, limiting enemies' mana pools while also granting the Vindicator damage benefits. Glyph of Silence will now additionally slow and Perplex enemies when triggered, giving the Vindicator more defensive uses for clever placement and positioning. Lastly, Final Chapter will automatically trigger Glyph of Silence to enemies in range of the glyph, giving Vindicator an additional combat use for his ultimate.
- Brain Drain: Int drain increased from 3 to 3,4,5,6
- Brain Drain: Int drain duration increased from 25,30,35,40 to 30
- Brain Drain: Cooldown lowered from 15,12,9,6 to 12,10,8,6
- Brain Drain: Mana Cost increased from 70,90,110,130 to 70,95,120,145
- Glyph of Silence: Additionally applies a 50% tapering slow and perplex for the duration
- Glyph of Silence: Debuff duration increased from 1.5,2,2,2.5 to 1.5,2,2.5,3
- Glyph of Silence: Has received a visual upgrade
- Final Chapter: Applies the effects of Glyph of Silence to enemies in rage of the pedestal when Final Chapter is applied.


== Bug Fixes and Optimizations == 

- Webbed Shot: Will now gain 100 bonus range when you have a Wingbow

- Sword Throw's projectile is now green (like before) if he has his Life Essence toggle on

- Fixed Chuck & Group Chuck damage values so that they match the most recent Chuck damage value changes in the patch notes
- Fixed Group Chuck so it stuns chucked units properly while they are in midair

Sand Wraith
- Fixed Hang Tuah (Alt3) Sand Wraith's "Don't look back!" sound so that it plays properly if Sand Wraith has Staff of the Master

- Glacial Blasts debuff now applies its stun & damage effects properly when transferred via Voodoo Puppet or Parasite's Facehug

- Master's Incantation: Will now gain 100 bonus range when you have a Wingbow