[3.5.10] Patch Notes

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Published on Tuesday, 18 November 2014 12:00
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Dear Heroes,
There will be a Game Client Patch v3.5.10 on Wednesday, 19th November 2014, 0700 hrs - 1159 hrs (GMT +8)
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*

 New Avatar:
Rune Weaver

 New Avatar:

 New Avatar:
Possessed Riftwalker
New Avatar:
New Avatar:
New URSA Avatar:
 New POGs Avatar:
Sand Wraith
  == Grimm's Crossing ==

+ Grimm's Crossing has received some changes in order to provide a more fair battlefield despite the imbalances that 3v3 can cause. It will now offer shorter, high action matches with a new boss to create a contention point and help the game finish more quickly for the team that takes him down.

- Added back to Matchmaking, replacing Rift Wars
- Pick Mode changed to Blind Ban
- Now only uses Casual Mode rule set
- Reworked terrain and jungle camps to add a new Boss
- New sounds and unique music has been added
- Lobby music updated to a new track: "The Army of the Fallen King"

- Added a new Boss: General Atrox
* Has two devastating abilities that scale throughout the game
* Drops Bananas and reduces the armor of all enemy structures by 50% for 3 minutes after death
* General Atrox will announce his presence to everyone when he spawns and when you first enter the map at the start
* General Atrox will say something when he dies that can be heard all over Grimm's Crossing (Answering the age old question: "When General Atrox falls in the forest, do you hear him?" Yes. Yes you do.)
* If General Atrox kills a hero he will yell something, but only in the area where he is fighting

- Reduced building Armor and increased Main Base Regeneration
* Melee Barracks: Armor decreased from 15 to 8
* Ranged Barracks: Armor decreased from 5 to 3
* Base Tower: Armor decreased from 20 to 10
* Base Structure: Armor decreased from 15 to 10
* Base Structure: Health Regeneration increased from 3 to 15

== General ==

- Captain's Pick is now hostable in Midwars
- Shuffle Pick mode is now hostable in Public Games

- Game speed now properly resets to 100% (1x) speed if you end a Practice Mode game without pressing the Disconnect button
* For example, letting the opposing main base building die without pressing Disconnect

- The hero usage list will now properly sort between: Hero Usage, Win Percentage and Loss Percentage

- Courier's Delivery (E) ability is no longer placed at the front of the queue
- Ground Courier should properly inherit actions from order queue when being upgraded to Flying Courier
- Geometer's Bane will no longer interrupt the courier's delivery

- Fate can no longer ban a hero that has already been picked
- Shuffle pick will always add 2 heroes to the Shuffle Pool, even if you filter heroes in such a way that only 1 hero is available to be picked
- Swap requests now cancel properly when 2 people request a swap with you and you accept one swap

- Cooldowns are always updated on created items
* Fixes Post Haste not sharing cooldown with Homecoming Stone when it is created under certain conditions

- Replay controller will no longer reappear when the ingame timer reaches 0:00

- Practice Mode's "Refresh" feature will no longer retain its auto-Refresh feature if you play a Local Bot game

- Units with flying can no longer exit game bounds (e.g. Klanx with his H.A.W.K. (W) skill, Flying Couriers)

== New Content ==

- New Behemoth Avatar: Garan the Rune Weaver
* Runeweaver Behemoth's initial concept was conjured by none other than MrKrane (NA/EU), the lucky winner of the Dream Avatar Contest.
* The Rune Weavers are the lesser known cousins of the Behemoths; named for their ability to weave together the ancient powers of Newerth with their own powerful magic to create Runes capable of great healing or destruction. This shrouded race of ingenious shamans reveal that the Behemoth bloodline is much more diverse than previously thought, wielding not only great physical strength, but incredible magical prowess as well.
* The Rune Weavers have an innate connection with the earth. Whilst not as physically strong as their cousins, they more than make up for this with their control over their craft. Throughout time they became ever more powerful; by finding a way to create fissures and then close them again within moments, they summoned shock waves that would flatten mountains, mimicking the feats of strength shown by the Behemoths. They would also restore the land they had damaged in the process of defending it. The Rune Weavers are a peaceful race, aiding the good and defending the weak, like their cousins the Behemoths.
* When the Hellbourne began ravaging Newerth, the Rune Weavers knew they had to delve deeper into their magic. They needed something powerful enough to aid them and their less magically adept kin to defeat the daemon plague. So they poured metal, magic, blood and sweat into what would become their greatest creation: The Portal Key.
An item so perfectly woven, it could manipulate the very fabric of the universe, opening portals to teleport the user instantly into battle. The item was particularly effective when used by their mountainous cousins, who fell upon the enemy, crushing them into the ground and sending those nearby flying. They guard their creation fiercely, allowing only the strongest Legion heroes to use them, although regrettably they have lost some to the Hellbourne as their brothers fell in battle.
* The lost Portal Keys are slowly being taken back, but not without cost.

- New Tarot Avatar: Roulette
* Roulette is a lady by day and a card shark by night; a southern belle with a venomous bite. She relies on chance to dictate her next move, and never worries about the future, knowing that she can only play the hand she was dealt. She is well­versed in probability and lucky strikes, but for all her big wins at the tables, she can never seem to find the right man; love evades her like a 53rd card. Chance can be cruel, but it can also pay off in spades.

- New Riftwalker Avatar: Possessed Riftwalker
* Delving further into the forbidden arts that allowed her to access the Rift, the Riftwalker became obsessed with the consumption and manipulation of power. The transcendence of Newerth's mortal plane thrilled her: the ability to control existence and abandon the faux dichotomy of life and death inherent in the system. As she let the Rift overtake her, her physical appearance changed as well, disguising the innocence that composed her pale face with the viscous, writhing carapace of something much more horrid, cosmetically and existentially.

- New Gold Edition War Beast Avatar: Skullcrusher
* When War Beast brought his frenzied pets from the depths of the Underworld, he included a litter of savage hellhounds he’d been experimenting with. He chose the most vicious of these and used a blend of impromptu surgery and fel magic to turn them into two-­legged soldiers bred to swarm Legion trenches and fortifications, then transform into their true four-­legged form to ensure there were no survivors.

- New Monkey King Avatar: MechaKing
* MechaKing is a melee combat machine created by Kodia of the URSA Corps in an attempt to expand their ranks beyond the elite nucleus of the crew, but she has experienced mixed results with this automated soldier due to the lack of heart and soul within the machine. MechaKing is prone to unpredictable behavior and a ruthlessness the URSA Corps does not support, but they cannot argue with the dead enemies he leaves behind.

- New URSA Corps Gladiator Avatar: Arctos
* The starving girl was one of the countless orphans of Blackwal, tossed into the blood-soaked fighting pits to be torn apart by the undead savages resurrected by Lord Salforis for his perverse entertainment. To the Baron's astonishment, the girl fought like a cornered bear, earning her the nickname Arctos, an ancient term in the realm for the terrifying beasts who stalked the dark mountain passes and left behind only screams. The girl earned her life that day and as she survived each day of brutal combat she earned water, food, and eventually weapons to fight the ever-increasing number and strength of Salforis' rotting soldiers.
When the URSA Corps raided the outpost, they freed the tormented prisoners and provided safe passage out of the Great Waste, but when everyone else fled toward the supposed protection of the Legion, Arctos refused to budge. She demanded to join the URSA Corps, and one look at what she could do with the weapons and armor provided by Kodia convinced the women she would be a valuable asset. Now she uses her Blackwal-honed combat skills against the living and dead alike, relishing the thought of facing Lord Salforis one last time.
* If Arctos kills Lord Salforis without taunting him, she will say something unique to him. The same is true if Lord Salforis kills Arctos without taunting her

- Sand Wraith (POG) (Default)
* The POGs avatars are here! These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

- Shockwave ripple and ground impact effects now represents the max radius of the spell more accurately
- Heavyweight effects rescaled to visually match affected radius

Demented Shaman
- Rescaled radius visual effects to more closely match the actual radius of his skills
- Added the proper size of the visual effects for his SotM-boosted Storm Cloud (where the radius increases from 600 to 800)

- Grappling Shot no longer requires Gunblade to manually detach himself from thin air if he latches onto an illusion that expires

- H.A.W.K. now gets its duration reduced properly when Klanx is attacked by invulnerable units

- Chip Legionnaire's model appears correctly when having Staff of the Master in his inventory
- Decapitate animation fixed for the default Legionnaire avatar

- Visual cracks from Quake now indicate the correct radius

- Attack projectile visuals fixed when attacking Hellbourne buildings

- Consume subability on an Infested creep will now properly inherit Parasite's order queue

- Chain effects now display properly when Prisoner is Sheepsticked or Hexed

- Ferver buff will no longer display a white box while playing the tutorial
- Inferno Strike (boosted skill by Staff of the Master) explosion now properly applies Fervor's Burning! state to targets affected by the explosion

- Disjointed attacks no longer bounce to the target with Far Scry

- Elementals now display their 3D portraits properly

- Radius visual effects are now rescaled properly of the following abilities for each level
* Torturer's Chain Reaction
* Defiler's Grave Silence
* Blitz's Lightning Shackles