[3.6.4] Patch Notes

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Published on Wednesday, 25 February 2015 18:08
Dear Heroes,
There will be a Game Client Patch v3.6.4 on Thursday, 26th February 2015, 0700 hrs - 1159 hrs (GMT +8).
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances*

Ultimate Avatar
URSA Corp Valkyrie
New Avatar
Medevac Deadlift
New Avatar
The Great Druid Deadlift
icon Medevac Druid
New Avatar
Lu Bu
New Avatar
Cao Cao
A.R.M.S Edition Avatar
Invader Kane
Lu Bu Cao Cao Saviour Kane
Version 3.6.4
24th February 2015
== General ==

== New Hero ==

New Hellbourne Strength Hero: Deadlift
- Deadlift was a normal man named Eckol captured by the Hellbourne and forced into slave labor in one of the countless Bonedust Camps, where his size and strength made him the perfect candidate to operate an Incinerator. These murder machines chewed and burned its victims but left them alive so they could be fed to the ravenous Fright Hounds, and when the victims were hesitant to enter the churning maw, Eckol had to force them in.
- This drained his soul and left him hollow, until the next victim was Reena, his wife. They had not seen each other since the Hellbourne raid on their village, and when they embraced Eckol felt life and hope return to him. This lasted until the Pit Lord and his Malphas broke them apart. The Pit Lord commanded Eckol to shove his wife into the Incinerator. Instead, Eckol tried to start a revolt in the Bonedust Camp. We'll never know if it would have succeeded, because at that moment Calamity opened the Vault of All Hells and tore the Scar open even further.
- The chasm ripped through the camp and pulled Reena in, and Eckol caught her hands just before she plummeted into the depths of corruption. As he tried to pull her away from the grasping, slithering, clutching limbs of the daemons emerging from the Scar, Eckol watched his beloved wither and decay as the corruption took root within her. The Incinerator shattered in a furious explosion, tearing Eckol's flesh and connective tissue into ribbons. In his pain and grief, Eckol did not notice the corruption snaking into his wounds, cauterizing them and infusing him with the ability to raise the dead. As madness and agony coursed through Eckol's tainted veins, the Pit Lord whispered the only way this ruined man would ever find and recover the corrupted soul of his wife -- send an endless stream of souls into the underworld until Reena's hands reach up to touch him once again.
- And so Deadlift began his work.

- Ability 1: Death Grip
* Target a location to begin channelling, dealing 75/150/225/300 Magic Damage in a line and Immobilizing the first enemy hero hit for up to 2.5/3/3.5/4 seconds depending on channel duration
* Activate again while channelling to turn the wave toward your cursor

- Ability 2: Onslaught
* Target an enemy unit or structure to force all nearby non-hero units to attack the target for 5 seconds
* The target receives up to an 80% tapering movement speed slow over 1.5 seconds depending on how many units were in the target area
* Grants attackers 50/75/100/125% Attack Speed and max Movespeed for the duration

- Ability 3: The Dead Shall Rise
* Target location to summon 2 undead units and deal 90/110/130/150 Magic Damage to enemy heroes, consuming 8% of your maximum health
* Passively makes nearby units that die rise and fight for you for 20/30/40/50 seconds with a limit of 3/4/5/6 undead. They deal 50/75/100/125% of their Attack Damage and take 200% damage

- Ability 4: Resurrection
- Target a Gravestone that was left by a dying ally to revive them at 50/75/100% health and mana after a full 4/3/2 second channel.

New Debut Edition Deadlift Alt Avatar: The Great Druid Deadlift
- The Great Druid is the master of the forests of Newerth. From the World Tree to the Sefir Tree, the pines and the palms, he knows them all like trusted friends. While the Keeper is the Guardian of the forests the Druid knows all of their secrets. When Deadlift began reaching into the Scar and pulling infernal souls back to aid the Hellbourne in destroying the world, the Druid knew he could no longer sit and tend to his plants. He has called upon the earth itself to release the fruit of life and allow him to bring the fallen back to aid in the protection of the world...and the world has said yes.

New Deadlift Alt Avatar: Medevac Deadlift
- CLEAR! Lorelei the medic charged up the arms of her A.M.O.R. (Advanced Medical Operation & Response) suit and applied the jolt of energy to the fallen soldier. Nanites streamed from the M.E.S.S. (Medical Emergency Support Systems) in the gauntlets of the armor and began to stitch his wounds shut while the current shocked his heart back into action. The warrior struggled to his feet, grabbed his weapons and thanked the medic before charging back into battle as the micro-robots sealed the last of the bleeding. She sighed and wondered how long it would be until she was fixing his wounds again...

== General ==

- HonTV button has been removed
- Removed Bring them Back feature
- New Lobby music: "A death does not become an end"
- New In-game music: "Death is the Answer"

== Bots ==

- New Bot: Succubus
* Authored by Anakonda
* Includes rune bottling, puzzlebox usage, and teamfight aggression
* Anakonda recieves 6800 gold coins, an alt avatar of his choice, and another Robot Courier forum award!

- Earn gold rewards for contributing on the bot subforums!
* Create your own bot, or review submission code! All of these bots were vetted by community contributors and the Community Bot Team. Join us on the bot forums or on IRC and earn gold!

- See the Bots forum for the current Bounty List!

== New Content ==

- New Deadlift Ward
* Get a better look at all the enemies who will soon need fresh graves with the Deadlift ward!

- New Ultimate Valkyrie URSA Corps Avatar: Brunhild Valkyrie, Commander of the URSA Corps
* When news spread throughout the Legion that Maliken had been redeemed as one of the Seven Heavenly Virtues, the streets were filled with men, women, and children rejoicing over this new alliance with such a terrible enemy. Valkyrie was not among them. She seethed at the notion of this monster, this bane of Newerth, walking among Legion soldiers and permitted to keep his head attached to his neck.
* To Valkyrie, this was an untenable betrayal of all she -- and countless others -- had sacrificed in the name of Sol, Jeraziah, Ophelia, and the Legion.
* Brunhild the Valkyrie listened to the revelry of the clueless masses and vowed to form a tribe of true warriors: elite soldiers who care not for the politics and posturing of this farcical leadership; who crave only the death of every enemy of justice. She recalled a legend among her people on the frigid islands beyond the Frost Fields, the story of a ferocious she-bear who would kill any man or beast who came near her precious cubs. This bear was called Ursa, and the mere mention of her name made the hunters shudder and whisper a prayer to Odin.
* So as Maliken spread his angel's wings over the Legion, Brunhild silently named herself leader of the URSA Corps, beholden to no cause except the defense of the innocent.

Ultimate Valkyrie Details
- Level 1-3
* Standard Armor
- Level 4-7
* Winged Valkyrie Boots
- Level 8-11
* Upgraded Lower Body Armor
- Level 12-15
* Upgraded Upper Body Armor
- Level 16+
* URSA Valkyrie Helmet
* Altered Voice

Ultimate Valkyrie Items
- Nullfire
* Black wings with midnight blue sheen and flame effects.
- Wingbow
* Golden wings with green sheen and mystic effects.
- Frostburn/Dawnbringer
* Orange and blue wings with ice and flame effects.
- Energizer
* Green wings with yellow sparks and lightning.
- Geometer's Bane
* Purple wings with purple sparkles.
- Shieldbreaker
* Golden wings with red dripping blood.
- Charged Hammer
* Blue/purple wings with white lightning.

- New Monkey King Avatar: Lu Bu
* Lu Bu descends from the clouds of the Monastery of the Way with the elusive skills of an elite Guardian, yet he is burning to stand before the advancing enemy and send them back to the craters and crypts from which they crawled.

- New Maliken Avatar: Cao Cao
* Cao Cao is a shrewd, crafty leader who designed the flawless, impenetrable security of the Monastery of the Way who now carries those strategies to the enemies of Newerth. He prefers to remain calm and collected during battle, but if his fellow Guardians are threatened, the wrath of the Sang-La Mountain spirits may possess him...

- New A.R.M.S. Kane Avatar: Invader Kane
* As soon as Kane heard about the Invader Suits he elbowed his way to the front of the line for the first fittings. Anything that offers more opportunities to close with the enemy and bash him into submission is welcome in Kane's arsenal, though he laments the fact that the helmet messes up his hair and his victims cannot see his smirking face as they die. Their loss.

New Ward Bundle: Classic Jungle Heroes
- Tempest
* Display your elemental superiority with the Tempest ward!
- Keeper of the Forest
* Observe nature in all its glory with the Keeper of the Forest ward!
- Parasite
* Infest the map with Parasite wards to see who needs a facehug!
- Ophelia
* Spread your judgement, touch, and wrath across the map with the Ophelia ward!
- Solstice
* Grab this ward and extend your shining rays into the darkest corners of Newerth!
- War Beast
* Show your Hellhounds where the cowards are hiding with the War Beast ward!
- Cthulhuphant
* You can't trample 'em or hook 'em if you can't see 'em. Make sure you can with the Cthulhuphant ward!

- New War Effort Reward Taunt: Treasure Chest Taunt
* Complete the second cycle of The War Effort to claim this booty-filled taunt!

- New POGs Avatar: Voodoo Jester
* These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

- Certain abilities such as War Beast's Battle Cry now properly give assist gold
- Illusions will no longer leave visual model parts behind when killed
- Dying to neutral creeps no longer ends your kill streak
* When the opposing team kills you after you die to neutral creeps, kill streak bonuses will be properly awarded to the enemy team
- Skills with different max level values (4 for regular skills, 3 for ultimate skills) should now auto-level properly in Hero Guides
* Example: Flux's Polarity Swap (E), Tarot's Luck of the Draw (R)
- Skill selection should no longer transfer to different units
- When using the select avatar icon on the hero pick screen it will no longer select the regular avatar if you select an Alt Avatar
- Ward slot now displays properly if the minimap is swapped to the right side of the UI
- Silver coins are now displayed properly in Midwars and other matchmaking maps
- The ladder and quest button while viewing the ladder have been spaced properly

Blitz Mode
- Autoattacks that damage self will no longer deal extra autoattack damage to self (e.g. Maliken's Sword of the Damned's Enchanted Flames)

- Updated textures and sounds for Clown Devourer

- Mangler Engineer's Steam Turret spawn projectile now matches the turret model

- Pentinent Lodestone properly retains its 3D portrait after using Shatterstorm
- Heap Lodestone properly displays the body in the 3D portrait after using Shatterstorm
- No longer has white textures on his shoulder pieces or his drill weapon while on Low graphics settings

- Sword of the Damned stances now propagate to illusions correctly on all alt avatars
* Bonus damage on Enchanted Flames still does not function on illusions since it provides direct +damage

Master of Arms
- Master of Bows' illusion attack sounds now match Master of Bows' attack sounds

- Capricorn Ophelia's Nature's Wrath no longer causes white textures to appear on the target on the Mac client with medium graphics settings

- Infest No longer mistakenly heals Parasite if the Infested Creep is insta-killed by another source
* The Consume subability on the Infested Creep still heals Parasite properly

- Arbinger Silhouette's Relentless Salvo attack projectile now has the correct model

- Golden Valkyrie textures and effects have been updated

Harkons Blade
- No longer applies the magic armor debuff when the attack misses

- No longer applies its debuff on all of Moon Queen's Multi-Strike bounces

The following items now indicate their current upgrade level via charges
* Codex
* Lex Talionis
* Puzzlebox
* Riftshards
* Shieldbreaker