[3.7.2] Patch Notes

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Published on Thursday, 04 June 2015 07:48
Dear Heroes,
There will be a Game Client Patch v3.7.2 on Thursday, 4th June 2015, 0700 hrs - 1300 hrs (GMT +8).
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances*

Archaic God Avatar
Zodiac Avatar
The Twins
New Announcer
New Name Colour
Champion Of Newerth
New Ward
Dragon's Treasure Ward
behe twin1 8bitannouncer championofnewerth dragonward
Ward Bundle: Classic Ganker Wards
Sir Benzington
Ward Bundle: Classic Carry Hero Wards
Ward Bundle: Classic Ganker Wards
Ward Bundle: Classic Ganker Wards
Ward Bundle: Classic Ganker Wards
ward1 ward2 ward4 ward3 ward5
Ward Bundle: Classic Ganker Wards
Version 3.7.2
4th June 2015

== Community ==
= 8-Bit Avatars =
- Heroes of Newerth's 8-Bit Collection is about more than reminiscing about some of your earliest gaming conquests; it's about laying the foundation for new ones. That's why we're taking part of revenue generated from the 8-Bit set and using it to help fund Heroes of Newerth's upcoming eSports event, DreamHack Summer 2015. In addition to contributing to HoN eSports, when you collect 8-Bit avatars you will be eligible for exclusive 8-Bit perks.

- Perks: For owning 2/4/6/8 8-Bit Avatars, you can claim the 8-Bit Ward/Courier/Taunt/Announcer for FREE.
- To take part in the 8-Bit experience and track your journey across the map of Arcadia, head here:

= A.R.M.S. Collection =

- Currently Available A.R.M.S. Avatars: Invader Kane, Savior Hammerstorm, Savior Rally, Savior Pebbles, Invader Ravenor, Savior Legionnaire, Savior Solstice, Invader Dampeer, Savior Emerald Warden
- A.R.M.S. Avatars coming this patch: Savior Predator

- Perks: Collect all 10 A.R.M.S. Avatars and you can claim the 11th, Gold Collection A.R.M.S. avatar for FREE.

= DreamHack Summer 2015 =

- It's finally here! HoN is making its epic return to Sweden for this year's DreamHack Summer. If you're attending DHS15, stop by HoN's booth to watch as 8 of the best teams from around the world battle it out to see who reigns supreme. If you're at home, tune into www.twitch.tv/honcast to catch all the action.
- HoN's DHS15 tournament starts on Saturday, June 13th and lasts until Monday, June 15th.

== Matchmaking Maps & Modes ==

Forests of Caldavar
- All Pick
- Single Draft
- Balanced Random

Mid Wars
- Blind Ban
- All Random
== New Content ==
= Vanity =

New Glowing Name Color: Champion of Newerth Top 800
An epic, glowing name color reserved for the elite warriors of Newerth. If you see this on your name, you truly are a Champion of Newerth.

= The War Effort =

New War Effort Courier: Gnome Courier
This shifty little hoarder is busy stealing loot from the Dragon's Treasure Ward, but he'll find time and room to bring you your goodies.

New War Effort Ward: Dragon's Treasure Ward
This greedy dragon is always on the lookout for would-be thieves, so let him double as a sentry for your team!

= 8-Bit =

New 8-Bit Announcer:
- Proclaim your Player 1 High Score awesomeness with this retro announcer!

New 8-Bit Devourer Avatar: Paku Devo
- Paku Devo has been chomping at the bit to escape Arcadia and charge through the all-you-can-eat lanes of the Forest of Caldavar, gobbling up everything in sight. Now he has his chance, and even Lord Salforis's ghosts are running the other way.

= Zodiac =

New Limited Edition Zodiac Solstice Avatar: The Twins
The Twins have spent eons observing Newerth from the heavens, gathering information and sharing it with each other in an endless debate over whether they should intervene or not. After the Second Corruption they finally agreed it was time to descend and join their fellow Zodiac signs in the attempt to save the planet from destruction, and their amassed knowledge allows them to adapt for any combat situation, day or night.

= Archaic Gods =

New Archaic God Behemoth Avatar: Atlas
Atlas chose to side with the Titans in the war with the Olympians, and as punishment he was condemned by Zeus to hold the Heavens upon his shoulders. With the Archaic Gods distracted by this new war and their desire to amass new worshipers, Atlas has shrugged the Heavens aside to seek a rematch with Zeus and his allies.

= General =

New Hero Ward Bundle: Classic Ganker
Keep the element of surprise on your side with these custom wards themed after classic ganker heroes!
- Magmus
* Smash the enemy's ability to hide with this glowing elemental bludgeon straight from Magmus' internal forge!
- Fayde
* No one can hide from the reaper's scythe -- or you, if you use this razor-sharp ward!
- Hammerstorm
* Drop the hammer of revelation on your opponents with Hammerstorm's custom ward!
- Pebbles
* Keep the enemy's movements well in hand with the crushing grip of the custom Pebbles ward!
- Pharaoh
* See exactly where to unleash your wrath, because nobody looks out for you like your mummy!
- Sir Benzington
* Extend your team's vision into every nook and cranny of the map with this Beaver Lancer ward!

New POGs Avatar: Thunderbringer
- These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

== Bug Fixes & Optimizations ==

= General =
- Capture the Flag now displays silver coins earned in the post-match window
- The "View Recent Game Stats" will now properly show the selected player's match stats if you view their stats by going through "View Statistics"
- Chatbox no longer takes focus when opening the HoN Client

= Heroes =

- Power Throw no longer disappears when an Emerald Red charge expires during Power Throw's cast animation

- Boom Dust can no longer be cast on self via double-activation
* To clarify, double-activation means clicking the skill hotkey twice in rapid succession to cast a spell on self
* Prevents him from going back to the fountain when double-activating Boom Dust

- Clown Devourer's 3D portrait is now properly centered
- Paku Devourer's hook now properly plays the "You are my next meal!" audio clip when the hook hits an enemy target

Doctor Repulsor
- Doctor Gamer store preview no longer produces an annoying sound that persists after closing the store

- No longer able to use As One on Voodoo Puppet (Puppet Master's ultimate)
- Illusory Veil no longer emits particles deep below the terrain
- As One visuals fixed to appear over allied heroes

- Evil Presence no longer spawns multiple minions when skill goes off cooldown if the initial spellcast was blocked (e.g. by Null Stone)
- Evil Presence minion no longer applies the Movement Speed Slow or negative Magic Armor when Hellbringer dies and the ability has not been cast before his death
- Evil Presence minion now properly disappears if Circe's Hellbringer mimic dies/expires

- Face Off duration no longer resets when Kane & his target have engaged in an arena and exit the arena somehow (e.g. Tablet of Command)

- Thriller Rhapsody properly plays sounds when she attacks a target and when she uses Staccato on a target

- Headhunter Valkyrie attack offset fixed to match her animations

= Items =

Merrick's Bounty
- Sound effects no longer plays when Merrick's Bounty gains a charge