[3.7.8] Patch Notes

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Published on Wednesday, 26 August 2015 16:33
Dear Heroes,
There will be a Game Client Patch v3.7.8 on Thursday, 27th August 2015, 0700 hrs - 1400 hrs (GMT +8).
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances*

Gold Edition Avatar
Hang Jebat
The Hotshot Heroes
Mr. Marvelous
The Hotshot Heroes
The Hotshot Heroes
The Hotshot Heroes
The Vanishing Women
hangjebat gaunt peb blazepyro vanishsc
POG Avatar
Soul Reaper
New Taunt
Wolf Time Taunt
POGSR wolftaunt
Version 3.7.8
27 August 2015

== Matchmaking Maps & Modes ==

Forests of Caldavar
- All Pick
- Single Draft
- Balanced Random

Mid Wars
- Blind Ban
- All Random

The Grimm Hunt
- All Pick

== New Content ==

= Gold Collection =

New Gold Collection Nomad Avatar: Hang Jebat
- When Hang Jebat learned the Nine Kings of the Great Waste had killed his brother-in-battle Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat took up his fallen friend's sword, the Taming Sari Keris, and went on a legendary rampage. But the rumors of Hang Tuah's death were false, and fearing for their lives the Nine Kings ordered Hang Tuah to kill Hang Jebat and end his murderous spree. These two illustrious warriors have been in eternal combat ever since, and any time they meet on the battlefield the blood and blades fly.

= The War Effort =

New War Effort Fayde Avatar: Red Mist
- It is rare indeed when the living shadow known as Fayde allows her emotions to rise from the darkness within, but when her raw fury finally boils to the surface she discards her black auras and envelops herself in a shroud of her victims' blood, a churning red mist that hides her culling blade and wicked smile until the last moment -- but by then her red mist has already claimed another life.

= The Hotshot Heroes =
+ Heroes of Newerth? More like Heroes of Whowerth! All you self-proclaimed "heroes" need to step aside, because the true guardians of mankind have arrived: The Hotshot Heroes!

New Hotshot Heroes Gauntlet Avatar: Mr. Marvelous
- Mr. Marvelous is the self-appointed leader of The Hotshot Heroes, and though he might occasionally grapple with the other egos in the squad as they battle the forces of evil, his over-the-top personality and constant bravado soothe the public into believing they are safe as long as their lives are within the protection of his massive fist.

New Hotshot Heroes Pebbles Avatar: Rocky
- Rocky is the solid foundation of The Hotshot Heroes, an even-tempered, contemplative advocate of talking things through with his team's adversaries, who he refuses to call "villains." They might just be misunderstood, frustrated people with good intentions. But if they pose a legitimate threat to the innocent masses or his fellow Hotshots, Rocky will not hesitate to chuck them into orbit until they calm down a bit.

New Hotshot Heroes Pyromancer Avatar: Blaze
- Blaze epitomizes the Hotshot Heroes name (and should probably be the team leader) with his brash confidence and derring-do approach to stopping villainous troublemakers, a method that usually ends up with at least one structure on fire and a path of scorched earth in his wake. Whatever man, nobody died...right?

New Hotshot Heroes Scout Avatar: The Vanishing Woman
- The Vanishing Woman is an expert at showing up in the right place at the right time -- seemingly out of nowhere -- to help her fellow Hotshots thwart the nefarious plans of evildoers. She doesn't crave the spotlight (but secretly knows it belongs on her), and as she's not one to show off (too much), she prefers to swoop in for an attack, flash a disarming smile to the masses, and vanish once again.

= General =

New Taunt: Wolf Time Taunt
- Trumpet your superiority with the power of the WOLF. It's WOLF TIME!

New POGs Avatar: Soul Reaper
- These high-definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

== Bug Fixes & Optimizations ==

= Optimizations =

- Removed the banjo sound when you close the game.
- The Recent Games list is no longer empty after you play a match.
- /pingall will now print reliable packet loss stats for each player.

= Capture the Flag =

- Dying while invulnerable on the same frame will no longer grant the enemy hero a huge amount of experience.
- Minor update to the Capture the Flag matchmaking tooltips.
- Information box for Capture the Flag has been updated.

= General =

- Remake player count threshold increased from 50% to 70% of the game's active players.
* This fixes the issue of a single team being able to remake if both teams have a disconnected player.

- Items in fog are now responsive to orders regardless of vision.
* This fixes the issue of your hero not moving when you right-click on items in fog to pick them up.

- Matchmaking groups now persist in the event a player is disconnected when a game is found.

- Tower range indicators were added to the Tutorial map.

- Muted players will now properly receive messages from Mentors through the Mentor Chat (invoked by pressing Ctrl+Enter).

- While mentoring a player, the icon for "Mentor Voice Chat" no longer overlaps with the text when viewing the Mentor Dialog (Menu -> Mentoring).

- The horn audio clip now plays properly at the 10-second mark before the first creep wave spawns.

- Bots no longer attempt to control your hero if you have disconnected from the game.

- Tokens and Passes are no longer incorrectly displayed in some players' vaults.

- After a pause is issued, there is a 3-second delay before the team that called the pause can unpause the game.
* This prevents accidental unpauses that would occur immediately after pausing in Tournament Mode, where pauses are instant.

- Lowered the size of body effects on Alchemist Ogres and Predasaur Crushers.

- Fixed some game modes still playing the Parallax lobby music.

= Heroes =

- Celeris Blitz Lightning Shackles state icon now matches her unique icon.

- LightGunblade kill lines are now limited to the local area around Gunblade.
* The announcer is paused for the player of LightGunblade for around 2 seconds for both his respawn and kill lines to make it easier to hear them.

- Arcane Shield now properly blocks all effects from Master of Arms' Charged Shot/Blast Shot if Arcane Shield is activated while the projectile is in midair.

- Stampede sight indicator is deleted properly if Rampage gets interrupted via a disable before Rampage reaches his target.

Lord Salforis
- Blackwal Salforis Staff of the Master visual effects have been fixed so the skeleton visual from the base avatar does not appear.

- Brunhild Valkyrie's Javelin of Light no longer takes 0.3s longer to cast compared to other alt avatars.
- Brunhild Valkyrie's weapon disappears properly when she casts Javelin of Light.
- Brunhild Valkyrie's animation syncs up perfectly with the throw like other avatars.