[3.7.14] Patch Notes - Mercenary Legionnaire

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Published on Tuesday, 17 November 2015 15:21


Dear Heroes,
Please be informed that we will be performing a scheduled maintenance on:
Thursday, 19th November 2015 @0700hrs-1400hrs (GMT+8)
During this time, all game services will be unavailable. Players are advised to logout before the maintenance.
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforseen circumstances*


New Avatars:
[Paragon Avatar]
Zircon Paragon Glacius
paragon glac

[Siam Warrior]

Forsaken Archer

[Siam Warrior]


[Siam Warrior]

Voodoo Jester

04Forsaken Archer 05Legionnair Siam Warrior 06Voodoo Jester Siam warrior


[Gold Edition]

Mercenary Legionnaire

[War Effort]

Blade of Sol Jeraziah

[New Avatar]

Adkarna King Maliken

[New Avatar]


[Holiday Edition]

Yi Peng Bombardieer

heroes-legionnaire-alt10-icon heroes-jereziah-alt6-icon heroes-maliken-alt7-icon heroes-arachna-alt4-icon heroes-bomb-alt6-icon

[Winter Edition]

Holidaykeeper Hestia


POG Demented Shaman

[New Taunt]

Siam Warrior Taunt

[New Courier]

Fairy Courier

[New Ward]

Thanksgiving Ward

heroes-taint-alt7-icon POG-shaman perk-icons shared-automated courier-couriers-fairy fly-icon ui-fe2-store-icons-ward thanksgiving
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