Champion of Newerth Season 7

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Published on Tuesday, 26 June 2018 18:47
 Champion of Newerth Season 7

1. Season 7 starts on 21 Jun 2018 (Patch 4.5) and ends on 27 Jun 2018
2. The map available only Forest of Caldavar
3. There are both Normal and Casual Mode
Placement Matches
- All players need 6 games (placement matches) to calibrate the Rank
- The Rank from previous Season will be also calculated
- The Rank is separated into 6 Ranks in Champions of Newerth as following:

Rank Tier
Bronze From V to Tier I
Silver From V to Tier I
Gold From IV to Tier I
Diamond From III to Tier I
Legendary From II to Tier I

The change from MMR to Rank
- According to the migration from 2 modes into 1, the MMR of the players will be changed into Rank in this season as follows:

MMR Rank
1250-1400 Bronze Tier V - I
1401-1575 Silver Tier V - I
1576-1725 Gold Tier IV - I
1726-1850 Diamond Tier III - I
1851-1950 Legendary II - I
1951+ Immortal
The Immortal Rank
- when you reach the highest Rank in Champions of Newerth or the Immortal Rank, the Rank Icon will display the order you're in among of Immortal Players
Pick Modes
- Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond will play in Counter Pick rule
- Legendary and Immortal will play in Banning Counter Pick rule
The Rewards
     The Rewards do not depend on your current rank only but they are depending on how many games you win either! you need to win enough match to get the season reward, it's hard and of course.. the rewards are better!
     After the game ended, the season reward progression will show as the bar (like exp. bar) which will fill by winning the game
The number of required games in each Rank:

Reward/Rank Placement Bronze Silver Gold Diamond Legendary Immortal
Bronze Chest 6 2          
Silver Chest 6 2 2        
Gold Chest 6 1 2 4      
Diamond Chest 6 1 1 4 4    
Legendary Chest 6 1 1 2 4 6  
Immortal Chest 6 1 1 2 2 6 6

For example: If you're in Gold Rank after placement, you need to win 1 game to finish the Bronze Chest (Bronze Reward) and 2 wins for finishing the Silver Chest (Silver Reward) and another 4 wins for getting the Gold Chest!


the system is designed for keeping you in continuous playing the CoN through the season and the reward is upgraded too

The Season Reward
Every tier of reward has Rank Icon, Rank Chest, trophy avatar but if you're in Immortal you will get the champion name color that everyone dream to have

Rank Icon Chest Trophy Avatar Trophy TP Effect  Name Color



Bronze Bronze Season Icon Bronze Chest ไม่ได้ ไม่ได้ ไม่ได้ Bronze Grabbag
Silver Silver Season Icon Silver Chest Silver Trophy
CoN 7 Silver ไม่ได้ Silver Grabbag
Gold Gold Season Icon Gold Chest Gold Trophy
CoN 7 Gold ไม่ได้ Gold Grabbag
Diamond Diamond Season Icon Diamond Chest Gold Trophy
CoN 7 Diamond ไม่ได้ Diamond Grabbag
Legendary Legendary Season Icon Legendary Chest Legendary Trophy
CoN 7 Legendary ไม่ได้ Legendary
Immortal Immortal Season Icon Immortal Chest Legendary Trophy
CoN 7 Immortal Champion Color Immortal Grabbag