Patch 4.6.3 - Return of Demented Shaman

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Published on Tuesday, 11 December 2018 19:37
Welcome to Heroes of Newerth
Version 4.6.3 - 27 November 2018

== Design ==

= Hero Reworks =

Demented Shaman (Reworked)

Ability 1: Entangle
* Range: 700
* Mana Cost: 80/90/100/110
* Cooldown: 15/13/11/9 seconds

- Target an enemy unit to apply a Mini-Stun and a 70/80/90/100% Movement Speed Slow for 2 seconds.
- Afterwards, applies a 0/0.5/1/1.5 second Stun and deals 80/120/160/200 Physical Damage over 8 seconds.
- Also spawns 2 Shaman Minions around the target for 4 seconds, dealing 10 Attack Damage per attack.

Ability 2: Healing Wave
* Range: 750
* Mana Cost: 80/90/100/110
* Cooldown: 12/10/8/6 seconds

- Target an Ally (or self) to launch a wave which chains to the nearest 3/4/5/6 friendly targets.
- Affected ally units are Healed for 80/100/120/140 Health and deal 80/100/120/140 Physical Damage to enemy units around themselves.

Ability 3: Unbreakable
* Range: 550/700/850/1000
* Mana Cost: 150
* Cooldown: 60/45/30/15 seconds

- Target an Ally (or self) to apply Unbreakable to them for 5 seconds. While active, the target cannot die (health will not go below 1) and gains 15/30/45/60 bonus Damage.
- When not on cooldown or not on another target, Unbreakable remains active indefinitely on Demented Shaman until he takes fatal damage, upon which it will expire 2 seconds after that occurs. While active passively, Unbreakable does not grant bonus damage.

Ability 4: Storm Cloud
* Range: 2000
* Radius: 575
* Mana Cost: 100
* Cooldown: 40 seconds

- Target a location to apply Storm Cloud to all heroes in the area for 24 seconds.
- Enemies lose Armor per second until -12/18/24 Armor, then regains it over the rest of the duration.
- Allies gain Armor per second until 12/18/24 Armor, then loses it over the rest of the duration.

+ Demented Shaman had his fair share of problems. Healing Wave always required ally assistance to (usually) improve the damage only by a mediocre amount, while the initially reworked Storm Cloud mechanics were incredibly underwhelming.

+ By addressing these issues and making Unbreakable a regular skill that is impactful & has a niche, Demented Shaman will be much more fluid & fun to play.


= Heroes =


Ability 3: Dimensional Link (Reworked)
- Passively gains 10/15/20/25 Attack Damage.
- Gain 650/850/1050/1250 Attack Range against anyone you have cast a spell on for the last 3 seconds, and grants Sight of them for 3 seconds.

Void Rip
- Now also applies a 10/20/30% Movement Speed Slow for 4 seconds to the target if it is an enemy.
- Now also increases your Movement Speed by 10/20/30% and matches Comet's Cast Range to Void Rip's Cast Range for 4 seconds.

+ Andromeda's Dimensional Link aura is fairly generic, and was characteristic of her original port from Vengeful Spirit (which was based off Warcraft 3's Command Aura skill, which was a generic attack-boosting aura).

+ With the new Dimensional Link ability, Andromeda's lane harass becomes potent. Coupled with the changes to Void Rip, she can also follow up by allowing her to perform autoattacks against an enemy she targets with Void Rip.



- Agility gain per level reduced from 2.0 to 1.7.

- Stun and Debuff duration reduction effects no longer stack with other sources (e.g. Shaman's Headdress, Barrier Idol).
- Stun and Debuff duration reduction changed from 40/60/80% to 40/55/70%.

+ Berzerker's anti-crowd-control effects were a little too good (especially if you make it stack with other sources of anti-crowd-control). These changes should make him slightly easier to deal with.



Glacial Downpour
- Magic Damage per shard reduced from 80/110/140 to 75/100/125.

+ Glacius' performance is generally where it should be, although he is winning just slightly too much. Glacial Downpour's damage output now scales a little bit less towards late-game, while still maintaining its early-game and mid-game power.


Master of Arms

Acid Bomb
- Damage multiplier vs. non-hero units increased from 0.5x to 0.75x.

Weapon Enhancement
- Attack Damage penalty against heroes with Cheetah increased from 10% to 24/21/18/15%.
- Attack Damage bonus on Bulldozer increased from 0/5/10/15/20 to 0/7/13/19/25.

Master's Call
- The bonus Attack Speed/Attack Damage state is now applied to Master of Arms for 20 seconds upon cast (as a separate state from the Shield).
* This state is unpurgeable.
- Cooldown reduced from 60 seconds to 60/50/40 seconds.
- Attack Speed bonus (from the active state) while the Cheetah gun is active increased from 100/150/200 to 100/160/220.

+ It was very clear that the aim of the previous nerfs to Master of Arms was to prevent him from having no weakness at all phases of the game by removing 100% uptime on Cheetah's Attack Speed. The changes did fulfill their goal, but was a little heavyhanded.

+ The new changes separate Master's Call's Shield state from the Attack Speed/Attack Damage state, allowing him to regain a good uptime on Cheetah's old strengths without the uptime being close to 100%.

+ Master of Arms' power curve should now follow a traditional carry's power curve a little bit better and gradually becomes stronger late game, rather than simply being good at all phases of the game.



- When the main target dies or orderdisjoints (e.g. via using Geometer's Bane) before Stampede starts the pounce state, Rampage is put on a 10 second cooldown (increased from 5 seconds) instead of its default cooldown value.

Might of the Herd
- Max Shield Health reduced from 60/80/100/120 to 40/60/80/100.
* Shield's rate of increase has been adjusted to compensate.

+ Rampage has been slightly overperforming after Patch 4.6.1, so these changes were made to adjust for this fact.


= Items =

- Cost increased from 600 Gold to 700 Gold.

+ Voltstone received a cost increase due to lane creep bounty being increased (and was not adjusted in conjunction with the change like Runed Cleaver was). This change also prevents players from picking it up as a starting item.


== Matchmaking Maps & Modes ==

Champions of Newerth (CoN)
- Map: Forests of Caldavar
- Mode: Ranked Pick

Mid Wars
- Hero Ban
- Single Draft

Team Deathmatch
- Blind Ban

== New Content ==

= General =

New Chronos Avatar: Little Benny
- Little Benny was among the brilliant inventors who combined their genius and skills to design an army of machine warriors to spare humans the bloody cost of war. The prototype held great promise until the Hellbourne captured it and brought about the time-traveling fiend known as Chronos. Little Benny has carried a crushing guilt since that day, as it was her mastery over the mechanics of time that imbued him with such devastating powers, and her mission has been to track him down on the battlefield and forcefully extract her contributions, which include the intricate springs, gears, and winding mechanism within his armor. This would, of course, leave him an empty shell of broken pieces, which is just fine with Little Benny. The bell tolls for thee, Chronos!

New Nymphora Avatar: Hummingbird Nymphora
- The beautiful and graceful Hummingbird Nymphs are perfectly content perching in the Sefir Tree and making occasional flights into the nearby blossom fields to sip the gloriously sweet nectar, but when their food source is endangered by any threat – daemons, corruption, even the boots of Legion battalions – the transgressors quickly learn how it feels to be on the wrong side of blurred wings, pollen bombs, and a disposition so sweet it's scary.

New Sapphire Avatar: Geosynch Sapphire
- With the recent discovery of undamaged solar-powered satellites still orbiting Newerth from the time of the Lost Civilization, brave warriors are being recruited to journey into the unknown realm of space to determine if these technological wonders can be used in the war against the Hellbourne. Geosynch Sapphire has been drafted into the new Galactic Legion with the hopes that the satellites will work with her crystals to magnify their powerful abilities -- both protective and destructive -- to augment the Legion's efforts from a place the Hellbourne can't hope to reach.

== Bug Fixes & Optimizations ==

= Heroes =

- Hammer Throw's secondary activation (when boosted by Staff of the Master) can no longer be used while immobilized.

= Items =

Void Talisman
- Removed from the Relics section of the item shop.
* Still properly exists in the Protective section of the item shop, since Void Talisman is composed of more than 1 component.