[V2.6.2] 23 May 2012: Patch Notes

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Published on Tuesday, 22 May 2012 11:00

Dear Heroes,

There will be a Game Client Patch v2.6.2 on 23rd May 2012, 0700 hrs - 0959 hrs (GMT +8).
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time.
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*

New Avatar: Jade Giant Pebbles

Giant Pebbles
To see Jade Giant Pebbles in action, click here to view the fan-made spotlight!

Jade Giant Pebbles is limited edition by default in the International HoN, we have decided to unlock it in the SEA HoN to show our appreciation for our community! 

Instructions to Update:

- Players who have patched through Garena Messenger may continue to do so to update their client.
- Players who have patched through the game client will be prompted with a message to update client upon log-in. Click Yes and the game will be updated automatically.
* In case the update message does not appear, hit Ctrl+F8 and type enter Upd_checkforupdates 1


 - Changing Windows Compatibility Mode.
* Select Windows 95 compatibility mode in order to update (de-select it after the updating process has finished):
1. Right-click the icon for the program
2. Click Properties
3. Click the Compatibility tab.
4. Set Compatibility mode to "Windows 95"
5. Click Apply and OK. Open the task manager and make sure no other instance of HoN is running. If there is, kill it by selecting hon.exe and click on "End Process". Run HoN as an Administrator and install it directly into your HDD's root (e.g. C:\).

- Changing your Graphic Driver temporarily.

Upon launching the game, go to Settings Graphics, select·"OpenGL"and try patching again. Revert it back to "DirectX" when the patch is complete.

Version 2.6.2

== New Content ==
Added new Pebbles Alt Avatar: Jade Giant Pebbles

== Hero Balance ==
Armordillo: Damage it takes to release an extra spine increased from 200 to 250 damage

Corpse Conversion: Minions Magic Armor increased from 3 to 4
Corpse Conversion: Minions can no longer attack towers when Balphagore is not near them

Mark For Death: Cast Range lowered from 1000 to 800
Carnage: Physical Damage rescaled from 8% to 6/7/8%

Lethal Range: Damage multiplier lowered from 30/40/50/60% to 20/30/40/50%

Movement Speed lowered from 310 to 305

Keeper of the Forest
Animate Forest: Animated Trees Attack Speed base attack time increased from 1 to 1.25 seconds

Sand Wraith
Deserted: Enemies under the effects of Desert's Curse will now always take the bonus damage from Deserted when attacked

== Optimizations & Bug Fixes ==
Foliage has been fixed on low quality shaders in DirectX
Banning Pick first ban/pick order has been corrected
Banning Pick once again works correctly in matchmaking

Vagabond Assassin spells fixed so they no longer play in fog
Vagabond Assassin's Purge can no longer insta-kill allied illusions
Antlore Healer's & Sporespitter's abilities now have 0 Cast Time
This means right-clicking these abilities to make them autocast will no longer make the unit stop moving
Antlore Healer's and Sporespitter's skills have been optimized

Ghost Marchers effects no longer play through fog anymore

Empath : As One no longer lets you go inside of Forsaken Archer's Piercing Arrows illusion
Monarch : Noxious Cloud fixed so it no longer triggers neutrals to use abilities
Nomad Nomaddin's Edge Counter fixed so the correct effects play

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