New Hero Lord Salforis Spotlight

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Published on Monday, 21 November 2011 17:27

Goodbye Pudding



New EAP Hero


Lord Salforis



Lord Salforis, Baron of Blackwal, commands necromantic powers that distinguish him from typical Hellbourne fodder. A potent sorcerer and general alike, his mere presence on the battlefield is enough to induce visions of fear in his foes, rotting them from the inside and draining their souls. Rumor has it that falling to his lance will doom one's soul.

Lord Salforis is coming soon.

1st Skill: Mors Certissima


Target a position to blast it for 120/200/280/360 Magic Damage after a short delay. Over the next 5 seconds, afflicted targets regain 40/60/80/100 Health.


2nd Skill: Life Tap


Activate to inflict a tapering 40% Movement Speed Slow around you for 3 seconds.

Meanwhile, you gain 50 Movement Speed and your next attack is charged with nether energies, adding 60/80/100/120 Damage, converting it to Superior Magic damage, and granting it 70/80/90/100% Life Leech.


3rd Skill: Dark Lord's Presence


Passively grants 0.8/1.2/1.6/2 Health Regeneration for every nearby enemy, up to five enemies.

Nearby enemies passively are dealt up to 20/30/40/50 True Damage per second. This damage is split between all nearby enemies. Minimum of 10 damage per second.


4th Skill: The Undying


Target a unit to deal 50/100/150 Superior Magic Damage and inflict it with The Undying for 10 seconds.

For the duration, the target cannot regenerate or heal health, and takes 30/50/70 magic damage per second.

If the target dies under this effect, its soul will be enslaved, grant you 25/35/45 Attack Damage and 10/20/30 Attack Speed. He may then consume the soul to gain 200/300/400 Health.