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Published on Friday, 14 October 2011 09:22


New EAP Hero: Monarch


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New Hero Avatars


Infernal Behemoth

Update Installation Fails / Crashes At White Progress Bar

It is important to keep your Windows-installation up-to-date, so use Windows Update and install all the available patches and service packs!

If this doesn't help, try the following:

Select Windows 95 compatibility mode in order to update (de-select it after the updating process has finished):
1. right-click the icon for the program
2. click Properties
3. click the Compatibility tab.
4. set Compatibility mode to "Windows 95"
5. click Apply and OK

If you are using XFire make sure to quit any instance of it before trying to update.

Open the task manager and make sure no other instance of HoN is running. If there is, kill it.

Run HoN as an Administrator and install it directly into your HDD's root (e.g. C:\).

If you still cannot get HoN to update properly, please make a new post on the


Full Change Log: 



- As a part of Player Appreciation the "Unlock Account Icon" product has been removed permanently

* All accounts now have it unlocked by default

* Anyone who has paid to have it unlocked in the past will be refunded Silver Coins on 15 Oct!

- Courier now will deliver your items first, and then shared items

- Expanded Lua support

-Added error checking when modifying a parent widget's child list while it's iterating over its children

- Added a new Early Access Hero: Monarch

* Monarch will be an Early Access hero for 6 weeks

- Added a new Limited Edition Early Access Alt Avatar: Queen Monarch

- Added a new Alt Avatar: Infernal Behemoth

- Fixed an Armadon bug with the scaling of the quills

- Fixed a Forsaken Archer bug so Devourer and Vindicator no longer get stats from her illusion


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