Patch 2.1.8 on 13th Sep

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Published on Monday, 12 September 2011 16:14


New EAP Hero: Geomancer


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New EAP Hero: Midas


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New Hero Avatars

Sub Zero Accursed

New Taunt


Heavy Metal Taunt

What is going to happen on 13 Sep:

When you log in Garena Heroes of Newerth, a message will popup and ask you to update your HoN. Click Yes and the game will be updated automatically.

In case the update message does not appear, hit Ctrl+F8 and type the command 
Upd_checkforupdates 1


Expected Server Down Time:

7:00AM to 9:59AM, GMT+8, 13 Sep 2011


Full Change Log: Here

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