Patch 2.1.5 On August 25th

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Published on Wednesday, 24 August 2011 17:35

Garena HoN Patch 2.1.5 on August 25th

We will be having a major patch from v2.0.40.4 to v2.1.5 on 25th August 2011.

Part of this update calls for a mandantory change to a new model alike to S2's International Heroes of Newerth. This is a strategic transition intended to grow our community and solidify HoN as a major player in the ever-growing genre. Garena Heroes of Newerth will continue to strive to provide better deals for our players in this competitive market nonetheless.

As a publisher of Heroes of Newerth for Southeast Asia, we at Garena, are committed to provide the best service and gaming experience to our players, ensuring smooth and optimized connection in our platforms and delivering more exciting contents and remain affordable to our players. Thank you for remaining loyal and supporting HoN.


Removal of VIP Servers restriction

As part of our efforts to improve the overall gaming experience for our players, there will no longer be any VIP server restrictions.

Servers which were previously only available for VIPs are now open to ALL PLAYERS!

New Exchange Rate

Gold Coins exchange rates increased by 30%!!!

Normal rate

100 Shells = 200 Gold Coins 1:2

300 Shells = 660 Gold Coins 1:2.2

500 Shells = 1150 Gold Coins 1:2.3

There will no first time purchase rate.


New Store Design and Herodex

The game UI has also been updated with a fresh new look! In addition to enhanced visual and interface elements, Merrick’s store has been rearranged for an improved shopping experience!

Meanwhile, the Compendium has been replaced with the new Herodex! Besides viewing the guides to playing various heroes, you will also be able to view their usage statistics as well! Check out which hero is the flavour of the month to join in the fun, or challenge yourself by owning your opponents with the complex, less used heroes!


Hero Rotation

We will be rotating the 20 free heroes weekly. (Compared to International HoN's 15 Free Heroes weekly) *More promotions coming up during patch time!*

EAP System

Some New heroes in every new patch will be released as part of the Early Access Program (EAP). Players must purchase the hero first before they can purchase its respective alternate avatars. EAP heroes will be added into the free Hero Rotation system after 1 month of its release.

Monkey King and Master of Arms are choosed as EAP Heroes for patch 2.1.5.

Account Type



VIP Changes

As many of you would have realized, purchase of VIP membership has been suspended a few weeks ago in light of possible upcoming changes.

VIP users will be given 2 options to choose from.
- Convert to Legacy Account* until your VIP membership expires.
- Refund your VIP membership for Gold Coins. Each remaining day of your membership gives you 35 Gold Coins. (Your account will be changed to Verified)

* Legacy Account will be reflected as Verified in-game, however, with unlimited token and passes and access to all heroes except EAP.

You can click here to refund your VIP.

New EAP Hero: Monkey King


Click HERE To View Video

New EAP Hero: Master Of Arms


Click HERE To View Video

New Hero: Drunken Master


Click HERE To View Video

New Hero: Rhapsody


Click HERE To View Video

New Hero Avatar and Announcer 

New Hero Avatars

Snow Zephyr 


Overseer Hellbringer

New Announcer


British Gentleman Announcer

What is going to happen on 25 Aug:

When you log in Garena Heroes of Newerth, a message will popup and ask you to update your HoN. Click Yes and the game will be updated automatically.

In case the update message does not appear, hit Ctrl+F8 and type the command 
Upd_checkforupdates 1


Expected Server Down Time:

7:00AM to 11:59AM, GMT+8, 25 Aug 2011


Full Change Log: Here

FAQ: Here

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