New Hero Master of Arms Video Spotlight

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Published on Monday, 22 August 2011 13:13


Monkey King, Drunken Master, Rhapsody and Master of Arms are coming to Garena Hon this week. Watch the video and a simple guide below.


Master of Arms excels with a variety of different skill and item builds. For early burst damage you can choose to either max your Q or W spells first depending on your preference, though you should always put at least one point into charged shot for the stun. If you prefer to play him more passively and farm up for the late game, you may max his weapon enhancement first, and use the damage bonuses on the electrical gun to last hit with ease. Which spell you choose to max first will provide you with different early game strengths. With maxed Q, you gain a longer disable for gank-oriented play, and With maxed W, you get early pushing power. Master of Arms can pack some serious late game damage with use of his mag gun and chance-on-hit bonus damage items such as savage mace, and charged hammer. As an agility hero, he still lacks survivability though, so it's important to also pick up health-boosting items such as shrunken head, and strength steamboots.

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