Patch v2.0.40.4 - New Bundles!

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Published on Friday, 05 August 2011 10:01

Dear Players,

We have added some great bundles for you this weekend in today's patch!

Mini Patch v2.0.40.4 Contents:


- Fresh New Start:

Need a brand new start? This is your chance to start afresh! Bundle includes Stat Reset and Nickname Change.

- Starter Pack:

New to Heroes of Newerth, and wants to try out some exclusive features? This is definitely what you need to begin with! Bundle includes Taunt, Flamboyant and Unlock Icon Slot.

- Steam Fantasy:

The mechanics of Newerth will serve you well. This Bundle includes Steam Flux and Robot Courier.

- Silent and Deadly:

Due to popular demand, this bundle will be back in Store once again! If you've missed it in our previous promotion, this is the chance to grab it now! Bundle includes White Lotus Sillhouette and Wretched Hottie!


- Garena Heroes of Newerth Team