Patch 2.0.36 FAQ

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Published on Monday, 27 June 2011 10:18

1. How can we use the quickslots function?

* Shift + left click an item in the shop then click one of the slots to save that item to a slot

* Right click an item in your inventory and click one of the slots to save that item to a slot

* You can always buy from the quickslots and which items are there persist between games

* Useful for items like Homecoming Stones, a specific type of boots you want, potions, etc.


2. Why Kongor move his place?

This modification will make up the imbalance between hellbourne and legendary.

In the original version, the hellbourne has better options for approaching Konger because they can come from two directions. Now legendary also has 2 ways to access to Konger easily.


3. Why the observatory shop instead of the secret shop?

The observatory shop can benefit support heroes much more. It’s easy for them to buy the wards at observatory shop instead of buying from the base only. Furthermore, the modification for the secret shop can make us buy item easily.

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