Stat Reset is Back!

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Published on Wednesday, 12 December 2012 10:50
As promised, we have released this function as soon as we received updates reach from the S2 Games developers!
If you have been dying to fully reset your stats, we have made it available in HoN Store.
You can purchase Stat Reset categorised under Others in the HoN Store.
Stat Reset 101 - Follow instructions for a successful reset:
1. Tick all fields.

2. Click Reset Stat.

What Doesn't Work

If you only reset these 3 fields (selected in picture below) alone, it will give you a mstore_formerror29 error message.
S2 Games developers are still working hard to fix this bug. Stat Reset works fine as long as you don't try to only reset these fields.
Thank you for your patience and continued support!