[V3.0.9] Patch Notes

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Published on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 13:04

Dear Heroes,

There will be a Game Client Patch v3.0.9 on 24 April 2013, 0700 hrs - 0959 hrs (GMT +8)
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time. 
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances.*


New Avatar:
Toadwood Deadstool
New Avatar:
Penguin Priest
Toadwood Deadstool Penguin Priest
New Avatar:
Hammer Lord

New Avatar:
Hammer Lord Arachnabot2

Version 3.0.9 

== New Content == 

  • Added new Deadwood Alt Avatar: Toadwood Deadstool
    • Deadwood may be the only creature immune to the lethal spores of the Rulian Marsh, yet he has allowed them to take root and disfigure him so he can spread the destructive seeds throughout Newerth. We hope the Legion likes mushrooms on their pizzas...
  • Added new Pollywog Priest Alt Avatar: Penguin Priest
    • All hail the Penguin Priest, who has waddled from his arctic southern flock to bless us with his presence! If thou chooses this divine flightless fowl to battle the Hellbourne, thou shall kneel for the duration of the combat, for the sake of reverence and to not make the Penguin Priest feel so short.
  • Added new Hammerstorm Avatar: Hammer Lord
    • The massive hammer and ornate garb of the Hammer Lords originated in the mines north of the City of Iron, when they were used to protect royalty in case of a collapse. Now they are reserved for the elite mountain warriors who can both wield the crushing hammers and parade the elaborate armor: The Hammer Lords!
  • Added new Arachna Alt Avatar: Arachnabot
    • Doctor Repulsor and The Electrician know that among the many phobia daemons, Arachna strikes the most fear in the hearts of man and beast. Now they seek to mass-produce a mechanical version of the multi-legged murderess, an Arachnabot even more cruel and soulless than the original!

== Bugs Fixes and optimizations  == 

- Updated all of the sounds for heroes to decrease memory usage significantly

- Fixed how sounds load to lower memory usage

Dust of Revelation
- Visual effects now match the AoE more closely

- When used in conjunction with Restoration stone, fixed the second Spiderling on the same target so that it won't die at the same time as the first one does if the target is still alive when the first Spiderling expires.

- "Miss!" popups no longer appear on top of Armadon when he uses Spine Burst and the projectiles impact invisible units

- Gluttony's Guttling Hook animation has been optimized

- Gauntlet is no longer able to break out of forced order commands (e.g. Legionnaire's Taunt, Dampeer's fear effect) if his Grapple hook latches onto something after the forced order is issued

- Rocket Drill's visual linkage no longer persists if he gets unbound before he reaches his target destination (ie, by Devourer's Hook)

- Sol's Conviction aura shimmer sound is now much quieter when an ally hero is affected

- Fixed a rare bug where his corpse stands up if he dies when he is in close proximity of his opponent during his Flick jump

- Dominatrix Torturer's Chain Reaction animation has been optimized

- Fixed the following heroes standing up when using certain spells just before death:
* Chronos (Time Leap)
* Grinex (Shadow Step)
* Gunblade (Grappling Shot)

- Fixed Enhanced buff icons sometimes behaving oddly on Mac and Linux clients
- Fixed ally cooldowns appearing as '-s'
- Fixed an error with the Alt Courier List
- Fixed an error with the status icon for players on the scoreboard
- Game Tooltips optimized and include the following fixes:
- Fixed the Combat type not showing up in the tooltip when hovering the icon of the selected unit
- Removed the combat type line from the hero info tooltip (hovering your portrait in the top left) as the trigger it needs/uses doesn't exist
- Fixed the courier's name being outside the tooltip when hovering his portrait
- The tooltip from hovering portraits now resizes, thus the courier tooltip doesn't have a space at top where the player name should be
- Improvements to the Match Making Invite a person window
- The list of players now works from top down, with the search bar at the top
- Name colors work based on the option you have selected for the friends list
- The people you have invited are now indicated, this indication is removed once you close the invite a player window
- People in your group, even if they are in your friends list, should no longer appear in the list
- Fixed the double click behavior when inviting people
- Clan tags are now included on names in the list, and can be used when searching
- The Report A Player detailed info text is no longer reset when you collapse and re-expand the window
- Fixed the Report A Player window 'shaking' sometimes when expanding the detailed text box
- Fixed messages with '):'s not displaying correctly
- Fixed buttons on certain notifications not working if they aren't saved into your notification history
- Removed the repick hero button from test++, as the functionality for it no longer exists