Tork: Leader Of The Iron Legion

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Published on Thursday, 21 November 2013 14:51
Tork walked alongside Jeraziah, the royal guard following close behind as the two strode through the gallery connected to the palace chapel. The red carpet lining the hall had been scuffed from years of travel between the place of worship and the king’s throne room.
“Perhaps,” Jeraziah said uncertainly. “Perhaps not. We will not know until your team examines it.”
The look on Tork’s face grew stern. Weapons did not fall from the sky, and as far back as he could remember, it was the science of the Engineers that provided the Legion with the equipment and technology necessary to conquer their foes. As his grandmother used to say, there was nothing new under the sun. It was up to man to provide for himself.

  Engineer Ultimate Alt Avatar: Tork the Ultimate Engineer
* Tork the Engineer knows Man is flawed, especially those who put too much faith into their gods and not enough work into their weapons. He is also aware his purely mechanical creations like Steamoth excel at warfare, but lack the human aspects that make a true hero. In his tireless work to create the perfect warrior, he has combined his engineering genius with his compassion and will to win. The result is the Ultimate Engineer, a biomechanical suit that upgrades as necessary to handle any combat situation.
Get geared up for the War against Klanx and his Goon Squad!