Ultimate Avatar: Cosmonaut Bubbles

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Published on Friday, 10 January 2014 11:43

Bubbles Ultimate Alt Avatar: Cosmonaut Bubbles
For those condemned to a life too close to the ground, the wonders of outer space blanket their dreams with twinkles of hope, surrounded by the bleakness of doubt and despair. While other Legion heroes fantasize about becoming legends and kings on Newerth, Bubbles stares at the moon, wondering what it would be like to see something besides war and chaos. With a little time and some repurposing of scrap material from the Iron City, one turtle seeks out something bigger than himself, dressed in a suit so strange that even his best friends think he's crazy
Ultimate Bubbles Item List:
Jetpack: Tablet of Command, Portal Key
Chest: Codex, Harkons Blade
Boots: Any upgraded boots holy shit!
Helmet: Frostfield Plate, Sacrificial Stone
Weapon: Hellflower, Kuldra's Sheepstick
Effects: Grimoire of Power, Lightbrand
In Stores 10th Jan 2014!