Caller Cthulhuphant - All Of Creations Shall Tremble Before Him!

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Published on Tuesday, 15 April 2014 17:42

Cthulhuphant Alt Avatar: Caller Cthulhuphant
Awoken from his eternal slumber in the lost city of R'lyeh, the tentacled monstrosity known as The Caller rises from the depths to wreak havoc on the mortals of Newerth. Constant battle and strife has finally shaken the waters enough to rouse the mythical beast and, with great disdain, the powerful ancient of ancients trudges beyond the ocean floor to vanquish the disturbances. Calling from the edge of the universe and beckoning the living from beyond time, Newerth may be destroyed by the grotesque titan before either side of the war gets a chance to reclaim it.
In Stores 16th April 2014!