World Cup in HoN

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Published on Friday, 20 June 2014 11:30
hon world cup 780x200
Garena and HoN is now also celebrating the current World Cup fever. Below is a list of avatars that we are putting up for sale with a whopping 50% discount until June 26.
Hunter Rampage Set Polarmonium Harumon King

ramp set polarmonium harumon
Lust SlenderX Sir Benzalot Hunter Rally

lust grinex Sir Hunterrally


Tesla the Mad Scientist Time Lord Chronos Willow Keeper Quarterback Blitz

dr chronos willowkeeper blitz


Fissure Gundromeda Jade Giant Pebbles Shadowbeast

behe andro peb sb


Shadow Wraith Night Hunter Rift Bubbles Snot Keeper

sw nh bub snotkeeper