Artesia Le Fay: The Dark Sorceress

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Published on Wednesday, 23 July 2014 10:29

Artesia Alt Avatar: Artesia le Fay
The sorceress known as Artesia le Fay was once a protege of Amiteah the Empath, learning her healing spells and fighting for the survival of Newerth. She envisioned herself standing with Jeraziah, queen to his king, with their offspring carrying the Legion banners forth and driving the Hellbourne back into their pits. But Jeraziah had no love for her. His heart was dedicated to Sol-or so he claimed-and he could not be tempted by her beauty or promises of carnal pleasure. But Artesia le Fey knows the true reason for Jeraziah's rebuff: his secret suspicion that her magic comes not from Sol and the World Tree, but from a much darker place. Her heart blackened by rejection and fury, Artesia le Fey vowed to destroy Jeraziah and his precious god, and when she is done she will throw his royal blade into the Inner Sea, where it will be lost for all of time.
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