Cyber Samurai: The Metal Assassin

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Published on Monday, 04 August 2014 00:00
Swiftblade Alt Avatar: Cyber Samurai
The Cyber Samurai is a perfectly programmed, armored killing machine. By melding ancient Japanese form with futuristic armor to synthesize a slick, undetectable mercenary, the silent assassin is as tough as he is eloquent, leaving no trace of his presence once he has massacred his targets. Developed alongside Exterminator Nomad as a method of security for restricted areas that were not yet burdened by corrosive gas and extreme weather, the Cyber Samurai was a modern marvel before the Fall of Man, silencing those who sought to silence. Detailed by its engineers with more finesse, and an emphasis on many quick slashes over a few large ones for increased probability of damage, the cauterizing blades would leave less to clean up when the infiltrators were disposed of. The unflinching samurai warrior epitomized the cold-blooded murderer, moving onto his next assignment with no remorse or time for contemplation
In Stores 1st August 2014