Halloween Party Bundles

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Published on Tuesday, 21 October 2014 15:23
Dear Heroes,
Collect 5 Halloween Avatar and redeem your FREE Pumpkin Courier. You can get all 5 Avatars now at a discounted price of 1600 Gold Coins in the Halloween Party Bundles.
Halloween Party Bundles consist of:
1. Preda Tori
2. Ellie Envy
3.Bonnie Blood Hunter
4.Lynn X
5. Thriller Rhapsody
Preda Tori

Pumpkin Courier

 Ellie Envy

 PredaTori  pumpkin EllieEnvy
Bonnie Blood Hunter:

Lynn X:

Thriller Rhapsody:

 BonnieBloodHunter  LynnX  ThrillerRhapsody