Savage Mace Chronos: In The Name Of Zeus

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Published on Thursday, 13 November 2014 12:00

New Item Avatar: Savage Mace Chronos
Bia is the personification of force and raw energy. As a constant companion of Zeus, she supported him in the war against the Titans, during which she saw the true power of savagery in the face of the enemy. Over the centuries she has become somewhat more subdued, softened by the devotion of her worshipers and lack of - interest in the endless wars of mankind, and this pitiful state was quickly exposed when she was summoned by Zeus to join the war upon Newerth. The raw brutality of the war between the Legion and Hellbourne was a harsh wake-up call to the once-fierce warrior, and she is determined to take whatever action and acquire any item necessary to revert to her savage state and show these amateurs how to fight a real war.
In Stores 14th November 2014