Rune Weaver : The Power of Runes!

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Published on Wednesday, 19 November 2014 14:00

New Avatar: Garan the Rune Weaver
Runeweaver Behemoth's initial concept was conjured by none other than MrKrane (NA/EU),
the lucky winner of the Dream Avatar Contest.
* The Rune Weavers are the lesser known cousins of the Behemoths; named for their ability to weave together the ancient powers of Newerth with their own powerful magic to create Runes capable of great healing or destruction. This shrouded race of ingenious shamans reveal that the Behemoth bloodline is much more diverse than previously thought, wielding not only great physical strength, but incredible magical prowess as well.
* The Rune Weavers have an innate connection with the earth. Whilst not as physically strong as their cousins, they more than make up for this with their control over their craft. Throughout time they became ever more powerful; by finding a way to create fissures and then close them again within moments, they summoned shock waves that would flatten mountains, mimicking the feats of strength shown by the Behemoths. They would also restore the land they had damaged in the process of defending it. The Rune Weavers are a peaceful race, aiding the good and defending the weak,
like their cousins the Behemoths.
* When the Hellbourne began ravaging Newerth, the Rune Weavers knew they had to delve deeper into their magic. They needed something powerful enough to aid them and their less magically adept kin to defeat the daemon plague. So they poured metal, magic, blood and sweat into what would become their greatest creation: The Portal Key. An item so perfectly woven, it could manipulate the very fabric of the universe, opening portals to teleport the user instantly into battle. The item was particularly effective when used by their mountainous cousins, who fell upon the enemy, crushing them into the ground and sending those nearby flying. They guard their creation fiercely, allowing only the strongest Legion heroes to use them, although regrettably they have lost some to the Hellbourne as their brothers fell in battle.
 The lost Portal Keys are slowly being taken back, but not without cost.
In Stores 19th November 2014