Necrosis: Insidious Necromatic Arts

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Published on Wednesday, 04 February 2015 10:45

Gold Edition Blackwal Kinesis Avatar: Necrosis
Any sorcerer who feels drawn to the insidious necromantic arts and wants to learn from the master will eventually make the pilgrimage to Blackwal, where they will thrive or perish. Others, like Necrosis, will have their unwilling corpses dragged from the battlefield by the Carrion Harvesters and dumped into the Tombs of Travail, where they will awaken to an agonizing new existence that is neither life nor death. Necrosis had once been a Disciple of the Way, harnessing the energy of life that flows through all things, but Salforis has shown him the undercurrent beneath that flow -- the undertow of death and decay -- that is quickly rising to the surface of Newerth. Necrosis embraced it like a maggot feeding on dead flesh, and now he carries the power of dead against his former brothers in arms.
In Stores 4th February 2015!