HoN 4th Anniversary Promotions

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Published on Thursday, 04 June 2015 14:47

Happy 4th Garena HoNiversary!

It's that time of the year again! Let's celebrate this milestone with special events and promotions, and other special goodies in store, just for you!

Gold Promo

50% Bonus Gold
Event Period: June 4-June 15

Enjoy bonus gold for every top-up! Promo conversion rates are as follows:


*Gold promotion is only until 0159hrs GMT+8 June 15.


Gift a Friend (1-for-1 Gifting)
Event Period: June 4-June 17

You have three chances of gifting per week! Purchase an item (for yourself) and gift it for your friend, for the price of one!

*Three chances will be credited after Patch 3.7.2. Chances will refresh on June 11 (midnight).


Grab Bag

Check out these cool Bags that are on Sale

1. Silver Treasure Box 1000SC - 4 random avatar (600SC or below ) 3/account

2. Game Vanity Box 400GC - 1 Taunt/Announcer/Name Color (Only purchasable product) 3/account

3. HoNiversary Treasure Box 500GC - 1 random LE/HE/EA/Plinko/GE 3/account

*Be sure to grab these bags before the patch on June 18.

Plinko Discount 

Event Period: June 4-June 17

Merrick's feeling good! Plinko prices have been dropped! Every drop will only cost 30 Gold. And, more avatars have been placed in the Diamond and Gold chests!

For more list: Click Here

Spending Reward
Event Period: June 4-June 15

The more you spend, the better rewards you receive! Spend gold and receive these awesome name colors for free!

Spend 4,000GC & above within the period to get Golden Shield name color
Spend 10,000GC & above within the period to get Growing gold name color

Claim HoNiversary Ward and Boogie Oogie for free (4June after patch to 1159hrs GMT+8 15June)
Login into the game and claim it in the store for free.


Online events:

1. All heroes free (4June after patch to 1159hrs GMT+8 15June)

2. Milestone (4June after patch to 18June before patch)
If there is 2,00,000 or more players claim 4th HoNiversary icon during this period. Every player who own that icon can claim Milestone Special Box and Stat Reset box for free during 18th - 2nd July.

3. Login Bonus (13June & 14June 2-6pm GMT+8)
Player who log in during 13 June & 14 June 2-6pm get a chance to win the following prizes:
- Sure win of 444SC and 44GC
- Lucky draw of in game items, coins

1st place 4,444GC + 44,444 SC + URSA set - 1 prize
2nd place 1,000GC + 10,000 SC - 4 prize
3rd place 444GC + 4,444 SC - 10 prize
4th place 100GC + 1,000 SC - 40 prize