x2 Silver Coins - Hero Mastery Weekend!

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Published on Saturday, 26 March 2016 10:44
Dear Heroes,

As you all have noticed, we've implemented the new 
Hero Mastery into our latest 
Patch 3.8.6Do discuss below to let us know what you think about the new implementation.

To welcome the all new Hero Mastery, we are going to have an event. 
Starting from, TODAY, Level up your favorite Heroes and gain x2 Silver Coins at the same time!

Event Period: 26th - 27th March 2016
Time: 2000hrs - 2200hrs (GMT+8) each day

How Hero Mastery Works?
Players will earn mastery experience for each hero they play ranked and unranked games with. Experience earned is determined by the Game Mode played, as well as match length. Winning games awards players with bonus mastery experience. Accumulating enough experience earns players a mastery level; rewards are unlocked each time a mastery level is gained.

The sum of all mastery levels gained determines your Overall Mastery Level. Players who strive to raise their Overall Mastery Level will have the opportunity to earn additional rewards.

Mastery Boosts
Mastery boosts can be used to double the base mastery experience from your previous game. Boosts are an optional addition to the Hero Mastery system, and can be purchased. Boosts do not stack - only one can be used at a time.

Individual Rewards
Hero Mastery rewards will roll out in three separate Phases. Players will have the opportunity to earn both individual hero rewards, as well as collective hero mastery rewards.

Play your way now to earn rewards for the 1st Phase:

For now, it is only the 1st Phase of the Hero Mastery. 2nd Phase will be coming to in Summer 2016.

You can access you hero Mastery tab in game by going to your profile statistics tab in game:

Read more here: 
Patch Notes: