Tarot's Lottery is Back!

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Published on Tuesday, 21 February 2017 19:08
Start: 18 February 1100hrs GMT+7
End: 28 February 1100hrs GMT+7
-Each player only has one chance to draw the discount.
-The items purchased will be sent to the account in 2 hours. If the delivery fails, we will send again within 24 hours.
-If the redelivery fails, players will be refunded in 15 workdays.
-Garena reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of this event.
Q1: Is it possible to draw an owned avatar?
A1: No, only un-owned avatars can be drawn

Q2: What kind of items can I get from the discount?
A2: Avatars (Including some Limited Edition), Announcers, Taunts 

Q3: Would it be possible to draw a hero?
A3: No

Q4: What happens if a player owns a lot of existing avatars?
A4: They might get less than 10 Tarot Card's but they could still use 3 discounts like everyone else. 
(Caution: Players who own almost all of the avatar might not able to join the event or get any cards)