Happiness Gifting

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Published on Thursday, 15 June 2017 12:41

Gifting Event, one of the 6th SEA HoNiversary, is now LIVE.
Let y'all to gift the item you purchase via HoN Store to any of your friend.

15 June 11.59 AM - 22 June 11.59 AM GMT+8 4
22 June 11.59 AM - 29 June 11.59 AM GMT+8 1
29 June 11.59 AM - 6 June 11.59 AM GMT+8 1


When you purchase the item via HoN Store, you could send hat item to one of your friend!
 HoN ID registed after 14 June 01.01 AM GMT+8 could not be able to participate in the event
Please check the name you send gift to every time
Stat Reset, Nickname Change, Subaccount,  Stocking Stuffers, Ticket Exchange, กล่องของขวัญ could not be gifted


1. Choose your item
2. Choose Gift Item


3. Input the In-game name that you would like to send to. 

4. Choose Gift Item again