[4.3.0] Special Plinko - season 105 (paragon cons.)

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Published on Thursday, 23 November 2017 09:21
Dear Heroes,

Let's take a look the avatar in Plinko 4.3.0?
Come in! Come in! What can I do for you?
Diamond Avatars!
- Alexandrite Paragon Wretched Hag
- Lapis Lazuli Paragon Witch Slayer
- Amethyst Paragon Parasite
- Wyvern Rampage
- Elementbringer
- Dwarf Lord
- Flash Blitz
 Gold Avatar!
- Jade Giant Pebbles
- Redcoat Flint
- Icosa
- Dark Angel
- Zero
- Iron Maiden
- Celeris
- Partisan Slayer
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