Garena HoN 100TH Hero Promotion!

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Published on Tuesday, 06 March 2012 13:04

There will be a Game Client Patch v2.5.13 on Wed, 7th March 2012, 0700 hrs - 0959 hrs (GMT +8).
Game Service will be unavailable during this time. Players are advised to logout before this time.
*Downtime may be extended without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances*


Garena HoN 100TH HERO EVENT! Patch 2.5.13 – 7th March!


Good day to you Heroes!

In celebration of the incoming release of our 100th hero Kinesis, we have decided to commemorate this event by throwing out bundles of in-game goodies starting from the 7TH of March! With up to 50% bonus Gold coins and Legacy Weekend and MUCH more!

[100th Hero Feature]:


We have our 100th hero! Among the Disciples of the Way, there is one known for his mastery over all -- Kinesis. Let the Hellbourne beware the power of his mind. Let Kinesis awe you with his heavy nuking skills which are known to cause offensive damaged to opponents, making him a very fatal individual. Kinesis is an elusive hero boasting manipulation of the nearby units so that he may lift and launch smaller objects as projectiles. Being a ranged, intellect hero with his mind as a powerful asset that allows him to absorb much of the incoming damage by being offensive, he brings with him 4 unique aspects to Heroes of Newerth-- Telekinetic lift, Stasis Smash, Inherent Defence and his ultimate, Mass control that is just as potent as Kinesis himself; both of which allow him to make short work of enemies both seen and unseen. With a skillset that caters to invoke incantations from afar and massively doing burst damage to opponents, Kinesis will bring his unique blend of psychic summoning and casting to Newerth this Wednesday. We hope you will enjoy him, and be sure to check out the spotlight for a more detailed ability list!

[150% Gold Exchange Rate!]

Start stocking up on your gold coins! Take this entire sale to your advantage throughout the 5 days and be rewarded with an additional 50% bonus gold coins with every bundle coin purchase! Don’t miss out on this super saver bargain! (valid from 7th – 11th March)

[Legacy Weekend!]

All Heroes will be free to play! Thank god for the weekends! We are going all out for this and will be releasing all heroes to be F2P (excluding EA heroes) to you guys! Be spoilt with the rather wide selection of heroes and play on! (valid from Sat & Sun 10th - 11th March)

[Double Joy, Double Coins!]

What better else to top it off the Legacy Weekend event than Double matchmaking coins?! So hurry up and get your friends and start queuing up for matchmaking! (valid from Sat & Sun 10th - 11th March)


[50,000 Silver Coins Giveaway!]

Get lucky this weekend! 100 lucky players will be randomly selected to be rewarded with 500 silver coins. All you have to do to be selected is to PLAY. Yes, you heard me right just get online and play! (valid from Sat & Sun 10th - 11th March)


[Roll your luck for 120k Gold Coins!]

On top of the 500 silver coins give out, another 100 players will stand a chance to win a shell package of 1150 gold coins!  To be part of this lucky draw, players will have to be logged into HoN for all 5 days consecutively! (valid from 7th – 11th March)

[50,000 concurrent online player milestone!]

If we were to break the 50,000 current player count during the weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), we will be giving out the hero Voodoo Jester and the brand new Voodoo Jester Alt Avatar Voodoo Raptor FOR FREE. This will be given out to everyone who logs on during these three days but only if we break 50,000 milestone during the weekend! So guys, if you want this limited edition avatar, make sure you hop on this weekend to be part of the counting! (valid from 9th - 11th March)

[Unlocking of EA Avatars!]

Always wanted the Jade Monkey King Avatar? Or the Panthera Gemini? Here’s your chance! We will be releasing these Early Access avatars back into the store! All EA avatars priced at 450 Gold ONLY. (valid from 7th - 11th March)


I know you guys are impatient but your recent frustration is going to be far outweighed by your excitement over the next few days! So let's get down and party like Newerth has never seen before. It’s a celebration we want everyone to join in on and benefit from to thank everyone for their continued support! For futher discussion please click HERE!