The Archaic Ring of Power

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Published on Wednesday, 06 March 2013 09:36

The Archaic Ring of Power

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Remember the Titans and their legacy.

The Gods have been summoned onto Newerth and into battle!

Wielding power of all five elements, be prepared for more bloodshed!

New Avatars

Svarog - Copy nEO IMG

Svarog (for Magmus Hero): In Stores Today!
Svarog is an Archaic god once worshiped for reforging the sun every night so it could rise again come morning. Now he returns to Newerth with Risen Ra, his brass skin and flaming hammer ready to regain lost glory!

Zeus - Copy nEO IMG

Zeus (For Ravenor Hero): Released on 8 March 2013
When the Archaic gods were supplanted and confined to the Heavens by Newerth's devotion to Sol and the Hellbourne, Zeus--god of sky and thunder--was most furious of all. Now he is unleashed, and he brings a vengeful storm with him.

Quetzacoatl - Copy nEO IMG

Quetzalcoatl (for Zephyr Hero): Released on 13 March 2013
Ages ago the Archaic god Quetzalcoatl was praised by the people south of the Rulian Marshes for his divine light, wind, and mercy. His bladed wings and massive talons will offer none of those when he battles the Hellbourne.

Odin - Copy nEO IMG

Odin (for Tundra Hero): Released on 13 March 2013
The wise and fierce god Odin has longed to return to Newerth with his raven Muninn, hound Freki, and steed Sleipnir to fight alongside his son Thor. Now Risen Ra grants him that opportunity, and Odin shall hunt daemons once again!

Kali nEO IMG

Kali (for Defiler Hero): Released on 15 March 2013
Kali, goddess of time and change, annihilator of evil, watched helplessly from the Heavens as the Hellbourne changed her realm of the Great Waste to a field of slaughter and suffering. As she descends with Risen Ra, she is ready to show these daemons what divine slaughter looks like.


New Bundle Promotion: The Archaic Gods at 1600 Gold Coins only! In Stores Today!

Svarog (Magmus), Zeus (Ravenor), Odin (Tundra), Quetzalcoatl (Zephyr), Kali (Defiler)

The Archaic Gods have returned to Newerth to lead man and beast against the Hellbourne and regain the glory they lost to Sol's Disciples! Purchase this bundle for early access to the avatars and a 20% discount on the set! That's getting one free!

*Please note that you will still need to OWN the Heroes in the bundle to use them. Players who have purchased the avatars individually are still able to purchase the bundle. Hence, it is highly advisable that you check before purchasing.