The Garena Heroes of Newerth Jackpot!

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Published on Thursday, 21 March 2013 18:54

To welcome the month of April, we're going to introduce to you the Garena Heroes of Newerth Jackpot! Take this chance to win Jackpot Exclusive skins like Cyber Scout & Sileena Silhouette! All you have to do is to put in 50 shells, exchange a token, pull a slot and be a winner! In this sure-win series, we've made everyone a winner! Now, the question is will you be a big winner or not? Don't miss out and take your lucky shot at the Jackpot now! Win up to 5000 Gold Coins and a whole lot of Early Released Avatars!


How to Win a Jackpot!


Step ONE:

Step TWO:


Step FOUR:

Step FIVE:

Step SIX:



& you're good to go now! Good luck Heroes! 



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