Good Friday: Big Daddy Big Spender

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Published on Thursday, 28 March 2013 16:53
20130327 Andromeda 432x239
Set yourself apart from the rest with an exclusive avatar. The Alien Andromeda avatar is finally here!
And you can only get it with this event when you have spent 3000 Gold Coins during 29 - 31 March 2013!
*Gold Spent refers to gold coins already consumed by buying items from the HoN Store.
*Alien Andromeda will be credited by 7 April 2013.
Alien Andromeda
There lies in space, beings that are all knowing, and questionably, all powerful. Of all these powers, one has been granted to all beings of the universe. Free Will. The choice to be ones own, and to do what they believe. In the deep corners of space, an Alien who has no name watches over the battle of Newerth. A being of the race "The Even Borns", who are all equally powerful to one another. Their people know pseudo-peace for not one them is stronger than one another, so they choose not to wage war, but to watch other races and planets to see the difference between things. They watch to see if free will is a strong enough factor to make one creature stronger than the other. This Alien watches everyday the battle between the Legion and Hellbourne.

By his calculations, he sees the Hellbourne to eventually win the battle of Newerth. A deep sadness runs through him. "I am watching as a race will soon die out. They put everything on the line to stop their foes, but even with all their might, they will fall." a second alien looks over, "Do not pity them, for only the strong survive. If their will was great enough, they would prevail, but they lack conviction." The first Alien looked at the second "If free will is for all, and is the strongest gift given to any creature, then I choose to use mine for the first time unselfishly." The Alien proceeded to make a Void Rip and go to Newerth. 

Jeraziah was about to be finally slain by Maliken when a blinding light fell between them. Maliken's sword was stopped by an Aurora of defense. Jeraziah looked upon this creature as did all surrounding demons and soldiers. All struck by fear and awe of what had just happened. "Do not think I don't know who you are Maliken." the evil Maliken smirked. "I have been watching your planet since long before your war had started. You had the free will to deny the darkness, but you embraced it in the end. All with your own free will. I, a creature who sat ideally by for aeons watched many planets and creatures die out, for nothing but mere power. These humans fight just to live one more day, not for power, and you, Maliken fight just to cause pain."

"Well I'm flattered such a creature as yourself knows my name, I care not to learn yours. All you need to know, is you too will die if you stand... BETWEEN JERAZIAH AND I!" a loud fearsome roar erupted as Maliken finished his sentence. Soldiers fell to their knees and the lesser demons scattered. He quickly ported backwards with Jeraziah to Legion medics. Maliken smiled seeing the new creature flee and fear him, but then he looked at the Alien yet again. The Alien looked at Maliken with the same cold and fearsome look it had been giving him since he arrived.

The Alien lifted his Antenna and pointed it to Maliken "The thread of your life... And Fate... Hangs in the balance." The Alien teleported instantly every single Legion soldier along with Jeraziah back to their base. Only he and Maliken were on the battlefield. The Alien pointed his antenna to the sky and pointed it down towards the ground before him. Maliken looked to the sky and began to laugh. "Is your aim so poor? It's going to crush you not me." When he looked back down towards the Alien, their place was shifted. They had switched places while Maliken was distracted with the shadow of the enormous Comet. "It was inevitable..." said the Alien as Maliken was crushed. He ported back to the Legions base, not knowing Maliken survived the ordeal.