Global Pride Avatars!

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Published on Wednesday, 22 May 2013 10:51
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Grab the Global Pride Bundle at a promotional price of 1400 Gold Coins from the HoN Store!
Promotional Period: 22nd – 29th May 2013 Only
Brainchild of the Community...
Five winning entries selected from the Global Pride avatar contest come to Live!
View their original entries here.

Lord Garuda*
by jangjolay, SEA
Lord Garuda
Click for Video

Inti Jereziah
by IKuroganne, LA
Inti Jereziah
Click for Video
Elly Nomad
by 1pxrussia, CIS
Elly Nomad
Matador Gladiator
by Rurion, Wildcard
Matador Gladiator
Impaler Valky^
by Z3R0C00L911, NA/EU
Impaler Valkyrie
*Celebratory 50% discount off SEA’s Lord Garuda avatar!
^Impaler Valkyrie is not included in this bundle. It will be released as an exclusive Jackpot avatar on 3rd June 2013.
For individual avatar's release schedule, check Patch 3.1.1 Notes.