Rift Wars: Week #3!

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Published on Wednesday, 19 June 2013 08:04

Week 3: Hunter Bushwack or Rift Bubbles?

Every Wednesday brings a new epic battle between the two warring guilds!

This week brings a new match up between Hunter Bushwack VS Rift Bubbles!

With popularity, comes great power!

Every click counts. Place your bets wisely!

*If you own all 5 avatars on the winning side,  you will receive a 6th avatar with special effects.
Last Week's Results: Rift Predator Wins!

A true mercenary never fails his master. If you had put your money on Rift Predator, you've made the right choice! This brings the score to a tie!

Summary: Hunter VS Rift 1-1
It's a tie!
Also new this week, Sun Wu Kong, the Ultimate Monkey King avatar will be released on Friday, 21 June 2013! Stay tuned for more details.