The Legend Returns: Sun Wu Kong

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Published on Friday, 21 June 2013 01:00

The King has arrived in Newerth today. 
Sun Wu Kong is undoubtedly the strongest and cheekiest monkey of them all.
He's got a stick with your name on it and he's going to swoop right in on his Nimbus Cloud and dish out the pain.
Get ready to be schooled unless of course... you're playing him.

"I win. You lose. I'm awesome. You're megabad." - Sun Wu Kong

Early Bird Promo: 33% Discount + Bonus Power Level Chat Symbol
Only from 21 - 23 June 2013
When you purchase Sun Wu Kong from 21 - 23 June 2013, not only will be on a 33% discount off the regular price, you'll also receive an exclusive bonus gift:

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Strike while the iron is hot!