Salomon's Revenge: New Skills!

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Published on Friday, 02 August 2013 10:48
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Salomon’s joy turned to rage. He raised his cleave to annihilate them all with a single blow. “Hold, brave Salomon,” one of the Nine said. Salomon could not tell which wicked mouth spoke the words. “Our souls are tied to hers in this realm; harm us and you do the same to her.” Another King added, “Hasn’t she suffered enough at your hands?” Another: “Return our gold to its rightful holders. Our bloodlines starve and die because of you.” A fourth: “Stop hunting us and seeking to enact vengeance upon us.” As one, the Nine said, “Do this, and we will spare Djinn’s soul further punishment. Continue on your path of revenge, and we will torment her for all of time.” Salomon’s eyes met Djinn’s for the first time in centuries. They were haunted. She nodded. In the spirit realm, all Salomon felt from her was love and the desire that he finally be at peace.

He said to the Nine, “You will go, and allow her to stay here. With me.” “No,” a King said. “The two of you forfeited your souls when you betrayed us. She will serve her sentence, even if you will not.” Salomon said, “Then let it be known. I gladly choose the path of love over that of vengeance.” The Nine Kings chuckled. Djinn tried to smile, but her eternity with the Nine Kings weighed heavily upon her.

“And today,” Salomon said, “those paths are the same.”

For if Djinn had come back to Newerth with Salomon, so had the Nine Kings!
Catch his new skills reworked with Vengence in core below!
Cosmic Cleave (Q&W)
Dual ability. Can be cast both Close (Q) and Far (W). On use, deals (50% of your Attack Damage + 30/60/90/120) Magic Damage in front of you and slows for 15%. If you quickly hit the same target with the other Cosmic Cleave, the slow is increased to 25%.

*Flaming Cleave (Q)
On use, instantly does a cleaving attack in front of you that deals (50% of your Attack Damage + 150/250/350) Physical Damage.
Wish for Wealth
Passively gain 3/4/5/6 bonus gold for a creep kill. Killing creeps builds stacking charges that gives a bonus 1/2/3/4 gold per charge. Charges last 30 seconds. Max of 30 bonus gold.

*Avenging Leap
Target an enemy unit to leap to them, dealing 50/100/150 Magic Damage and stunning them for 1.25 seconds.
Wish for Power
Passively increases nearby allies Attack Speed by 10/15/20/25. Activate to grant nearby Allies 20/30/40/50 Attack Speed for 10 seconds

*Golden Sword
Passively grants nearby allies 10/15/20/25 Attack Speed and applies a 20% Movement Speed Slow to Enemies you attack.
Wish for Revenge
On use, transforms you into an Avatar of Revenge. Avatar has 1100/1700/2300 Health and all new abilities. 30/50/70 Health is drained per second while active. When Avatar's health reaches 0, Salomon reverts back to his normal self.

*Phenomenal Cosmic Powers
Can only be used when the Avatar of Revenge is under 30% health. Activate to unleashes 8 Spheres of Phenomenal Cosmic Power for 3 seconds that spiral out from you, dealing Magic Damage as they pass through Enemies and then exploding. On use the Avatar of Revenge returns to his itty-bitty living space, reverting Salomon back to his normal self.
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