SteamPunk Series: Steampunk Pyromancer (Ultimate Avatar)

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Published on Friday, 23 August 2013 11:37
Fight fire with fire! Steampunk Pyromancer is out today! Get this exclusive Ultimate Avatar and see what items have individual visual effects on him!
Ultimate Pyromancer
Ultimate Steampunk Pyromancer
Caustor the Pyromancer lost his magical ability to command the flames of Sol, then rejoiced when he learned of the steam-powered weapons and armor the Legion Engineers were building to battle a new mysterious Hellbourne threat. Now he has his beloved flames back, as long as he can control them...
* Item/Effect:
* Mana Battery/Power Supply: Weapon changes from gun to arm-mounted flamethrower
* Any Boots: Upgraded boots
* Tablet: Backpack upgrades to jet pack
* Grave Locket / Sacrificial Stone: Upgraded helmet/optics
* Portal Key: Clockwork Dragon Minion
* Sheepstick: Unique Form Change (Clockwork Sheep)
* Grimoire of Power / Spellshards: Body Armor Upgrade
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